Definitive proof that some stages lag?


I keep hearing it, I keep getting taken to the freaking grid.

Is there proof of actual framedrops or added input lag on other stages?


I heard ALL stages lag but the Grid and Brazil just happen to lag less. That’s why most tournaments typically use one or the other.


This is what’s important. Why are tournaments making rules about it already without proof?


I’m pretty sure it’s all a spoof. There is no extra lag.

Personally I prefer the simple design of training stage. I don’t care about background effects, and normally don’t notice the background when I’m playing anyway.



and am convinced that it can be more sever depending on the stage compared to what they tested, i played the PS4 version for the first time with friends last week, not only it has more input lag but i could literally see the game drop multiples frames, and we were playing on Brazil stage

i personally prefer training stage anyways even on pc, even offline, as for tounrament, when ther’s a risk of a full frame ( or more ) of your inputs disappearing, you have no choice but to go for training stage


See, this is online.

Their finding was that offline on both console and PC that the framerate stayed 60 in every condition they tested with a very rare very minute dip to 59 on PS4. Online however they find that the netcode is a little too much for the PS4 and so it drops frames (like a weak PC would online, as offline weak PCs simply slowdown) but on a decent enough computer perfect 60fps is achievable online.

So basically that video supports the “the stage doesn’t matter” line of thought and tells us the PS4 can’t deal with being online without frequent dips to the 56-57 range.

So to your personal preference: On PC this will never happen, offline it will never happen on either platform, tournaments use PS4 and that video seems to suggest that the stage thing did not even register on their tests (which saw them going to nearly every stage). The whole video just says: PS4 can’t do online at 60fps solid like it can offline.

On SFIV this was warranted but they seemed to pick up the slack on the optimization.



it does dip to 59 even offline, and thats the bottom line, its not a perfect 60, playing at high level with a risk of a frame drop is not serious, even one frame, viewers seems to ask for other stages for their viewing pleasures wich is pretty ridiculous sounding for a pro a player who simply does not want to lose because of frames drops

also most stages ( not all ) are a vomit of over saturated colors, training stage is simple and more efficient for streaming too


True frame rate is 59.94, it’s never really a solid 60. Numbers might float between low to high 59’s in offline.

But online is another mess in itself.


On top of the online frame drops there was that other video about input lag that I can’t find atm showing they even raise the input lag even more to compensate for the shoddy rollback to make it smoother… what a joke.


The proof is playing the game. It’s there, seems to be random no ryme or reason. I’m just glad we’re still in beta I mean it’s not like the game has been released to stores, give them time to iron out the bugs, we’ve got a while to go still until the polish stage.


It dips even lower than 59 offline. I remember Justin Wong saying that week 1. Also at NCR last weekend the game dropped to what looked like 50-55 FPS mid game and caused a player to drop combos and lose the game. I was there and saw it happen as did hundreds of others.


I blame all the extra bullshit doing on in the backgrounds. 90% of it is unnecessary.


The framerate dip happened due to certain moves according to the video, there is still 0 proof the stage did it so I guess v-trigger is banned.

Also stop being such a god damn scrub, how did you deal playing the older games that lacked a training room? How do you play literally any video game that doesn’t take place in a white room?

I’m looking for numbers and proof. You got numbers and proof? No, of course not.

Not super relevant to the stage thing but this is it.


Too bad that the training stage theme fucking sucks tho


Justin has his ps4 connected online all the time, so it will have frame drops even when he is not playing online. The game has to go through capcom’s servers when you are connected for every mode, and you get frame drops on the ps4 whenever you are connected online. I tried disconnecting my ps4, and playing offline with my friends, and it is so much smoother.


I just wish someone who had the means and knowledge would run a test.



Still doesn’t explain the NCR situation as none of the stations were online. The game has seemingly has random issues and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again in a similar situation if left unchecked.

I remember the PS4 version randomly becoming “underwaterry” for me too for a stretch of about 10 seconds for me too in training mode. Admittedly I was online at the time but it’s still unacceptable.


In PC its been proven that people with less than capable hardware can somewhat play and or have better fps when playing on training stage.


That’s true. The real question is did they optimize it for console? Because if console is good to go on every stage that’s on you for playing on shitty hardware.

On PC though, you can also go the other way and shit on the visuals so hard you get 60 throughout the experience.


I’m 100% positive PS4 lags in training mode. Anyone can see it if they have a capture card. When capturing the frame data, I would notice that sometimes moves had like 1 extra frame of startup than other recordings. I’ve had to do like 4 recordings, sometimes one of them would be off. This was really noticable when I was trying to figure out “total” frames for each move. Sometimes the total frames would be 1 frame longer. There wasn’t a 1f pause in the recording, there was literally 1 extra frame of motion I could see. This says to me that it was the console that was lagging and not my capture card. I really don’t want to make a video that shows this. I have lots and lots of examples. I just don’t want to spend the time showing it.