Definitive rebalance discussion and streamlining , subsequent vote to follow



Let’s get this done…

1 post containing 1-3 top picks from everyone, no duplicates if possible, we can evaluate after all input has been recorded,
please no paragraphs explaining how’s and why’s , that will come soon after.

A tally and vote will follow, in hopes of eliminating excessive lobbying @ capcom-unity.

We want the SRK Gouken to be represented in this latest update while also giving the suggestion process as much respect and attention to detail possible.

This is best acheived by submitting all suggestions for a vote , we can then rank our ideas accordingly, from there we can submit a definitive well thought out list.

Give it some thought , reply with your top 3 , if already listed by another or similar but not identical items have been listed respond with an “agree” and then next phase we can go more in depth regarding specifics or smoothing out kinks…

I want our best thoughts to be considered …

shin shoryuken!


** I expect no one else will ask for these **

  • Fix Bisons Unparryable EX SomerSault Skulldiver. (Don’t know if Bison or Parry issue)
  • Fix Blankas Unparryable (Don’t know if Blanka or Parry issue)
  • Fix whiffing on certain characters.

** My request**

  • Extend so it activates further out instead of

PS: I was unsure if 1 entry per member was 1 request or one post with all your requests.


I wanted to change it to a top 3 list but since we can’t edit new threads it seems…1 to 3 is plenty. I can tally and move forward from there with forum approval and votes of course…

Edit: I found how to edit the thread ! Yay!


Increase the projectile invincibility of the Senkugoshoha (Dash Palm).


Well we all know all tatsu’s need to hit crouchers. But to make it fair, and because I feel if they give us that they’re gonna nerf the horizontal hitbox, it should only hit crouchers and crouching moves that don’t lower your hitbox. It should not hit anything but should hit everything else and chracters that are small doing regular crouching normals.

I also would like for kongo not to break on reversals. I also don’t think it would be totally fair to have this and no tweaks so it should either be more negative on whiff, when not activated OR lower the active frames from 14 to 10.

Fix kongo input bug.

A few more startup invicilbilty frames on mp, hp, ex palms

  1. FIX Tatsu
  2. FIX Palm

That’s my top 3 lol


tatsu needs the most work, it’s a near-unusable move without ex.

  1. get rid of mk tatsu, it’s a compromise that doesn’t work.
  2. give hk tatsu the startup of mk tatsu
  3. move lk tatsu to to mk
  4. make the new lk tatsu just the first hit, doesn’t go into the air, just for juggling
  5. make all of them vacuum on the first hit.
  6. hard knockdown for mk and hk tatsu
  7. throw invincible at startup for lk and mk
  8. hits all crouchers at pointblank
    Now it’s a usable move.

A landed flip grab needs to recover faster to enable some safe followup.

Palm needs full projectile invincibility from start to finish.

reversal kongo needs armor break immunity. should force standing