Definitive Retail Playstation 4 Arcade Sticks List with Info/Facts/Photos/Advantages/Disadvantages

I’m cool with that format. Seems really clean to me.

-Began making separate categories for all the various Hori RAP sticks with the same base starting with the not RAP branded DoA5LR stick
-Added 18 photos (rehosted/resized/labeled/etc) in 2nd spoiler for Hori Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Arcade Stick including stock/promo photos, and photos of box, front, bottom, interior, PCB via user @Chikalin

This is going to be a long process, but worth it.

I should also at some point make a .zip or .rar photo archive of everything in the main post, so if something were to happen to me you guys would have the photos. They’re all currently being hosted on my server, so if I die, goodbye photo archive lol.

-Separated the Hori RAP 4 Kai and Hori RAP 4 Kai Silent from the remainder of the similar HRAP bases and gave them their own space
-Added 15 photos (rehosted/resized/labeled/etc) in 2nd spoiler for Hori RAP 4 Kai including stock/promo photos, and photos of box, front, bottom, interior, PCB via users @Rudeshadow @rtdzign & @vash254

If anyone has photos they’d like me to put up of their PS4 retail stick before or after mods please PM me

I’m really curious about the TE2+ … I have a Te-S Chun Li and a SFXT VS stick for 360…
Never used a TE2 and I am wondering if the TE2+ is a sound investment.

So without using 3rd party software, the only way to play Street Fighter V (pc) is thru an X-input controller?
Excluding keyboard of course.

As of this time, yes.

Well that bites.

Amazon and GameStop now have the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai listed as having Xinput and Hayabusa buttons. Is that an error?

No, the old Kuro buttons are being substituted for Hayabusa buttons now. Any older stick with Kuro buttons will sell out and the new Hayabusa versions are rolling in.
Yes Xinput is a thing now as people been complaining about PC compatibility and some games does not want to take Dinput anymore.

I miss this little bugger:

My RAP Hayabusa V2 will be here on Wed ill post some pics and thoughts.

Highest measurements from TE2+:

Dimensions: W 403 x L 310 x H 68mm (123mm including lever)
Weight: 3,2kg

So i’ve been outdated on everything for a while, thinking about finally getting a PS4. Which stick is the best overall right now?

Probably should use this thread instead of bumping a dead thread. Although to answer your question, the “best” stick for ps4 without going custom is probably either between the Qanba Obsidian or Razer Panthera. I’ve seen both used pretty often and are shilled the most by the pros. Both retail for $200, but you can find it cheaper for the most part.

or buy the granddaddy Hori VLX


Hori VLX or Qanba Dragon If you don’t travel to competitions or casuals.

Qanba Obsidian or Razer Panthera if you do.

/let this thread return to its peaceful slumber

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I tried to find the most appropriate topic to ask and i didn’t want to make a new thread but thanks. Much appreciated.

RAP N Hayabusa if you like Noir layout, Obsidian if you like Vewlix, or get a Brook UFB/PS4 W/Audio and stick it in an old stick.

I agree with you that the pros utilize each stick.
I have a Madcatz TE2+ that I’m modding, slowly but surely? Probably need some help eventually.
Worked gear out of the box, just wanted to make a couple minor cosmetic changes.
Anyway, I wanted to grab either another TE2+, Razer Panthera or Qanba Obsidian.
I’m wary of the first 2 and not well versed with the latter. Opinions?

I think all of them are good sticks, I own a TE2+ and an Atrox (basically the same as the Panthera) and I like them both when it comes to weight, size, ease of customization, and convenience with the detachable cable. A lot of people like the Obsidian, although I can’t comment on it since I don’t own one or ever used one. As for buying a second stick, personally I’d rather get the Panthera or Obsidian just to have a different stick (unless you really like the TE2+ and want another one) and if they ever have something break, you could always contact Razer or Qanba and they’ll be able to help.

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Thank you for the fantastic advice. Having multiple sticks is a great idea that I’m seriously considering.
The Qanba Dragon looks interesting also, and I’m having a HEAVY lean in it’s direction, and requires the Aegis or Guardian bags by Qanba.
I’m wary of the Panthera because I hear the cable doesn’t work/connectivity issues or shorts out?
Has anyone heard of/experienced this?
With the Qanba Obsidian, are the LED blue piece(s) on the sides replaceable?