Del the Funky Homosapien Talks about Fighting Games


Saw this a while ago and thought about this site. anyway, the show is all about freestyling, so at first he is rapping but after he relates freestyling to fighting games. I thought it was cool. skip past the rapping if that aint your thing, interview starts at about 3mins



Del has been rapping about video games for 10+ years. He has an entire song about gaming on his 2000 album and the beat is sampled from Darkstalkers.



yea, in this i like how he compares freestyling to fighting games like how you just got come up with shit on the spot, do stuff in combinations you never done before.


Speaking of Del, isn’t the new Deltron album supposed to drop this year or something? Deltron 3030 was one of my favorite albums back in the day (damn, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since that came out).


from wiki:

Deltron Event II

Deltron 3030’s second album will be titled Deltron Event II.[1] Production began in 2006 and, as of mid-2010, is still in progress. According to Kid Koala’s website, he finished the turntable portions of the album in May 2006. [2] Dan the Automator predicted in 2008 that the album would be released that year or the next. [3]

In November 2006, Del told IGN that four songs for Event II were already written and that “the album’s lyrical theme has been basically mapped out.”[4] Dan the Automator stated that the recording of the new album would probably be done by December 2006, and that it would come out some time in 2007. [5] However, the album was then delayed until “sometime in 2008”. In March 2008, Del told the News-Observer that “Kid Koala and Automator already finished the production. It’s done. So, it’s just up to me to write [the lyrics].” [6]

During XM 66 RAW’s Subsoniq in April 2008, Del was asked about the progress of the album. He stated that he has written six songs so far and that it shouldn’t be long before the album is completed.[7] lists a 2010 release.[8]


glad to see Del 3030 come back!!