Delayed Quick Wakeup - Huge blow to oki?

Ok, I was in training mode seeing if I could find some sort of safe jump for Juri if the opponent were to quick rise. After a couple hours I found something that could successfully safe jump Sagat if he were to quick rise and reversal dp.

So I set the Juri dummy to do cr.:mk: xx hk fuhajin store xx release, whiff standing :lp:, jump forward (hold up-forward), j.:hk:. The dummy did this on loop and I played as Sagat, making sure to quick wakeup and reversal dp. Sure enough, the dummy was able to block.

After a few times I was satisfied with the result and thought I had a great safe jump setup. Just to make sure, I decided to quick wakeup and just block. The first few times I was able to quick wakeup and block the dummy’s j.:hk:. But after a few times, the j.:hk: would whiff. This seemed pretty off. I ended up re-recording the dummy’s actions to try again, but I would get inconsistent results.

Long story short, I noticed that there is a fairly large window for quick wakeup. You can delay it so that you can throw off someone’s timing by a couple frames. This pretty much throws all safe jump and meaty setups on quick rise out the window.

Just for chuckles, I decided to add in Juri’s OS sweep on the j.:hk:. Sure enough, if I delayed the quick rise, j.:hk: would whiff, and cr. :hk: would come out, which can be easily punished by Sagat with reversal dp after block.

Unfortunately, I do not have any footage as I’m lacking sleep atm. I’ll try to get some if enough people request.

edit: I have a feeling Capcom wants to move as far away from the notion of safe jumps and vortexes as much as possible with this title.

apparently this was also in SF4. Air claims you could delay your quick-rise by 5 frames, but the timing was strict.

from his blog entry on the Ryu vs Gief matchup:

also mentioned hereand here

Ah, that makes sense. It’s definitely pretty easy in this game for sure.

yeah who knows. maybe they made the timing easier in SFxT. either way, oki gets pretty blown up now with the roll option.

like in SF4, you generally knew which situations people tending to quick rise if they had the option. but in SFxT, it seems like people often prefer avoiding the QR so they can get the roll instead.

one thing i’ve been trying to figure out is auto-correct / option select setups for rollers. like maybe something that will give me a different move if they roll past me. for example (and this is a bad example), doing QCB + K with Nina. if they stay in front you’ll get geyser cannon, but if they roll behind you you’ll get her command dash. i dunno…

Some characters have something like that that just requires certain timing and positioning. i.e. Xiaoyu, :f:+:mk: or depending on where they roll. Also, Juri’s st.:mp:/cl.:mp: can reach whichever direction they roll and can cancel to fuhajin release if she’s in the right position. The auto-correct/os setups don’t punish anything, but at least they give an idea of how your opponent wakes up and grants a plus on block situation. Then again these things get blown up by wakeup dp.

Sigh, scoring a knockdown in this game isn’t as rewarding as all the other games.

Oki is a totally different story in SFxT, for sure. I’ve been using this delayed quick wakeup a lot to throw people off. It’s much easier to do it in this game than it is in the SFIV series, at least for me.

I’m working on figuring out how to apply wake-up pressure as safely as possible with my team (Rolento/Ibuki). I am a Ibuki player in AE, so I am really used to scoring the hard knockdown and going for her wake-up pressure/mix-ups (kuni vortex, safe jumps, cross up, fake cross up). Right now I’m using her command dashes to catch players when they tech roll. Trying to do the same thing with Rolento’s pogo, but I can’t seem to get it to auto-correct the way I want it too. I have to commit to a direction, so I have to read the opponent properly. I was hoping I could time it so the engine would auto-correct the direction Rolento bounces depending on which way they roll.

Obviously there is much more work to be done regarding okizeme in this game. In my opinion, I think the characters who are able to play a solid wake-up game will end up being top tier after the game has developed. Ibuki’s vortex in this game is a good example of this. If you know how to do it, you can completely shut down tech rolling. Taking away options from your opponent is the name of the game, so to me she is a very solid character. I hope to see more refined technology like this with other characters.

which makes sense since everyone can chain into sweeps now

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