delete me fast.

need to know how to delete this thread.

Heres some advice, go to the 3s section on SRK. HURRY and delete this thread etc before people start shitting on you as 2007 member! :lol:

Take my advice seriously…it will help you!!!

there is only a per character section you were saying?

Oh boy…

Take Dark Geese’s advice…

Once you post up your questions there don’t expect any answers. Tiers have been discussed and beaten into the ground. Sean blows he has nothing. Don’t try an argue it any other way, you won’t win.

I’ll delete this now

how do you delete?

Edit your first post and delete it.

This might go faster if you change the thread title to, I hate black people. Try it.

you’re about to get crucified

edit: OMG just as I wrote this the image of jesus appeared berofe me

“delete me fast”… huh?

No he is not.

dude thats eric clapton