delete me please


just delete the thread tried to have a real discussion but seems impossible on this forums k thx


I’m not sure we can respond until you read the most current topic GD has been asked to intervene in; Even regarding people not in our forum.

That topic is here:

**A Message To 3 People At An Arcade


@Raz0r look at the title
@angelpalm do what you do


But making a thread for this is just inviting a shit storm.


Do you know what paragraphs are op? Do you?


No images in your signature, OP…


but it’s arucreid from helshing.


Only if you’re a frequent poster in the Video Game Thread and/or like DmC.


Well, let me see. As the only person who may even want to admit, so far, to have read your spiel. I actually did not read any bolded things of insets and probably linkouts to modified raw text to type whatever you want in there or omitt things, not really the same pro’s and cons of direct captures, which can also be spoofed and faked to fit any narrative you want with photo-manipulation, also known from the major program leader, monopoly really on it from what people consider it, photoshop and photoshopping, and shooping butts to be bigger while not accounting for objects nearby like lines in towels hanging on towel racks or doors, or the human being or mirrors themselves, which tend to reveal all. I would also probably not ever want to join any discord chat groups with Europeans who wish to talk down to America on how they got rid of letters, wherein this movie Tomorrowland, a mashup of like 8 different, better movies, including gawd damn Terminator 2, really? Really, Disney? Trying to get that Superhero box office money, but I digress. This little british robot girl said some word that sounded like no actual real written word ever, because that was the British way of speaking. Not her own personal choice, but something she had been taught. To not be understood anywhere outside of her local principality, probably. I do know where I left off. I know one thing about all of this, I will not want to join chats about some very complicated Japanese fighting game, where as an overview or to pinpoint one thing, lets note that to “push block,” an importan defensive manuever you kinda have to press exactly as many buttons as doing a roll cancelled 100 hand slaps, lightning legs, or of course only where people really used it ever, with BLANKA to get MAXIMUM AROOOOOO now that’s what I like to call cheatincheesy big damage with like no counters!! Also within a certain window, anticipating you have to block to not get counter hit by hitting your 6-7 buttons too early, its kinda like throwing buttons at eachother in the vein of the American Strategy Guides, or at least official instruction books always used to say PRESS EVERYBUTTON TO LESSEN DAMAGE, EVEN WHILE GETTING HIT! Also, in that game you can really just jump all over the place in turbo speed with extra GGPO delay so its like why not roll that GOD BLACKUMA from Mugen and also fight Urijah Faber at the same time with dudes who don’t even need to have the thing nobody cares about when they only care about frame data and hitboxes, hurtboxes, or places they can even be hit programmed into the “game.” As well, that game is just based on boobery fetishes beyond Booberry and Frankenberry and COUNT CHOCULA, MY MAN got cocoa honeys to give up them grahams, of Universal Movie monsters, while also throwing in FurSuiter weirdo tropes and how Katy Perry was said to be Morrigan to Zooey Deschanel’s Lillith, the only white womens these people who made the image macro even know in terms of bust size, in their entire miserable lives. Now what do you expect this forum to do, to help you overcome this online bullying injustice in a place we don’t go in, and definitely not frequent and talk about the Abominable Snowman vs the #1 big boob Bee queen with the feathery neckwear and purple hair or whatever color that actually is to be more Japanese Animations, Magical Girl Zangieft Man who is capable of defeating everyone thru having more power of magicka than muscular build, and shit even the training to use such a thing. 15 Year old nobody became an expert overnight, in episode 1. This will go on for 3500 more episodes, because nobody seemed to notice how bunk the premise was from the start and demand, everyday, direct letters to the publisher studio in house, mad house, fan mail, “fan service.” Some kinda rockstar skeleton getting a bad name, actually never with his crazy crap, when its more like a hong kong phooey in the TMNT eyemask, except black, jumping all over doing his own **BLANKA **ARWOOOO howls at the moon, and that Green bubble spit is unblockable, Fishman, like who even liked the Blue Lagoon, that thing’s never been remade and more like the “Blue Haired Goon,” to Krusty the Klown, even if “Who writes this crap?! That was Terrible! I’m outta here. You better have my check too!”


Son of a bitch I left out I was reading it while eating pizza.

An interesting set that was brought home here by others.

So a Hawaiian attempt tonight but only some slices had “sauce” of a BBQ color but it was tangy and sweet so that’s a win and addition, whereas the red onions, not given a roasting, or what should really happen, a frying, cooking by other means, pan fry, when you see that on the slice, you’ll think: “Why didn’t they just add more Ham, or Canadian “Bacon” named Ham, and who orders this kind of specialty to see that as a topping addition? Who is this for? Long strands of smelly onions, almost raw and thus ruin the texture otherwise of what you can see.” Requiring a look down to what you have eaten, or the worst experience, pulling things out of your mouth, in the respect that - that did not belong there and you did not want this. You did not want this, at all.

Now I remember on a forum someone remarked like a man who does not buy his own pizza and must complain online about it to the wide world of the web in various places that are nowhere near his actual, very small problem he’ll never ever fix himself, no matter what the response is. He is only looking for self gratification, or worse, pushing his opinion as the only one.

Someone, as you would expect, claimed to like Supreme pizza or maybe it was jokingly started off and snowballed like ‘what kind do you guys usually get, time to buy a pizza, what kind?!’

“Ugh. That’s like everything I hate on a pizza. Pizza should only be pepperoni. No Vegetables, those things I never eat.”

So while a SUPREME Pizza has been given the worst naming function-nay-nomenclature since its inception or who came up with this notation, staking their claim as what a Supreme Pizza means, its still a classic and notable. That guy liked it. This guy doesn’t have expanded horizons and probably still orders classic, grease based Pizza Hut salty mess of a box they send you with a tacked on delivery fee because they know your cheapass won’t tip even after a real deal coupon so the teenager might red pepper packet your house while someone not carrying more than $20 change, so you don’t have to rob him and give him a hard time, geez.

Right, that guy, you can tell is obviously over 200 pounds.


and you thought the UK was better than americas, us
with multiple misuses of “there” vs what should be used there. therein.

people always coming to GD, for the first time, to talk about themselves

after being banned.

from like twitter, and dumbass messages about his stream monster opinion from watching lot of streems, “tell him that i watch a lot of streams!!”

arguing with a player who activley goes to tournaments and actually did pretty well for himself in tournament results.

even if it was a MK guy, perfect legend or something.

better not be an EMP | perfect rentlandlord sublet…

I appreciate the Off Topic button came back to slap Topic Creators with them. Some dumb motherViper did so to me starting the topic with the poll, then reserving the 2nd post for the article on Ebola.

He insightful’d the Data, of the 2nd post. :clown:


I should make this my sig if only to piss of the guy, in my sig.


off topic is back… who knew?





They’re probably correct too. Robotronicator wins.

This guy didn’t come correct. He lost his one chance. GG no re


I heard the op jacks it to tranny porn. Like the kind were it’s obvious that the person is in fact a man.




Yeah… but why were you listening?


Off topic this u MFs!!!



It’s a jacking [off [ [to trannies] ] topic.]

I ain’t clickin’ anything remotely close to 'dat.