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Edit : Unhelpful community is unhelpful, stay classy guys.

Thread can be deleted.

SRK Lounge Back to Basics: aka 8 days until Rock gets his hands all over Boel

You know she’s not really your “girlfriend” when she doesn’t even know your name bro.

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Confirmation of Cammy cosplay sex? Yes? No? Maybe? You gay?


Install a facebook app? Fuck you.


Cammy pics and no ass shots? No.

Post dat ass and I might vote.


So, do you have some pics of this other chick? I need to compare things before I give my vote. If the other chick has bigger tits, your girl is going to lose by default. Just sayin.


I think cosplay is lame. There I’ve said it.


You sure did get salty quick, should have expected this by saying you have a GF and posting this in the one area that doesn’t give much shits concerning fighting games.

Good job!


I’m not gonna sign up to Facebook for your imaginary girlfriend…go make me waffles.


Turns out not closing this at first was a good idea :rofl:.