Delete me

im getting a custom stick made, and he can insert my own custom artwork. it will need to be a jpeg file, about on the fence about what i wanna put. deviant art has nice stuff, but i want something custom. a few ideas im playing with.

  1. Audi. i have a B5 S4, twin turbo. so something audi. the rings, quattro, v6 biturbo, german flag, some kinda collage of sorts…?

  2. EMS. i work in the emergency medical field. so, star of life, EMS, EMT, heart rhythm, ambulance, i dunno…

  3. Clockw0rk. the team, MVC2. sent, strider, doom. a collage of sorts of that team, clockw0rk on there somewhere.

im really open to personal creativity, a combination of anything ive listed, and your own take on any of these 3 categories. if theres anything else u wanna know or an idea u wanna throw out… lemme know.

Someone needs to draw Sent/Strider/Doom as EMTs rushing somewhere in an S4 ambulance conversion.

haha. that would be awesome. id take it!:woot:

i hope to order my stick from Stanley sometime next week, so im hopin someone helps me out.