Delete please. Thank you


Greetings, I am in the market for a RAP4 Kai. can ship me one for $180(CAD).

I am curious if anyone has one in new/near mint condition they would like to get rid of one for less than what amazon is charging.
I am looking to get it shipped to London Ontario Canada.

Thanks for your interest.


Used for about 6 months, and modded with silent Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa Stick with a Gamerfinger Optical Joystick PCB. Will ship with the Hayabusa Stick that was removed.

I can ship to Canada, but I would have to charge 150 including shipping. Interested?


Thanks very much for the offer, but i’m not really a big fan of the silent buttons. I believe i’m just going to go with the amazon order. Cheers though!