delete please

delete please

Its SxSW and it happened in Austin. That place could turn SF2 into a hipster douchy thing. The farther away we stay away from that place the better we all are. And for the irony: Shotouts to UFO Arcade at Austin. :rofl:


I’m afraid I don’t get your contention. I didn’t see the stream. What bothered you about it?

Please close/delete your thread before things get worse.

Yo this is not FGD.

Yeah, I hit report and asked for a move. I was looking to delete and remake it myself but I don’t see a delete topic button.

Don’t remake in FGD. What do you hope to gain from making this thread in FGD?

Furthermore, this thread has already existed in FGD and was locked. There also exists a duplicate thread infraction.

Delete initial post

Mods are not your slaves.