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Maybe you should post up some videos if you have the potential to. You’ll get a lot of critique and pretty harsh criticism from guys like me but it’ll help you in the long run (assuming you want to get better). And then you can work on your more apparent problems and start to see progress.


Tekken community easily has the most comprehensive guides available. Hour long vids that honestly they should be charging for. Watch ATP tutorials Watch levelupyourgame vids on different characters they are literally like 5 characters short of having the whole cast done. Punishers BnBs gameplan, everything you need can be found in those vids.


Practice makes perfect; so never give up.


“Good morning twitter in life don’t be a quitter achieve through the struggle…everyone was a beginner”- Sanford Kelly, 2013.

Remember friend, fighting games are mostly mental, how can you beat someone else if you beat yourself first by saying you can’t do it? You just did all the hard work for your opponent. Play, Lose, Learn, Practice, Win, you can do it :).


If you wanna git gud at fighting games, you need 3 things:

  1. Time
  2. Time
  3. Humbleness
  4. Ability to count (frame data)


Fight through it. I started getting much more into UMVC3 last week. My current win rate is something like 6 wins 54 loses. You think I care? Nope. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be competitive, I do. These things just take time and practice. In most of those loses I can identify what I did wrong and work through it. That doesn’t mean it’ll be magically fixed, but it’s on the way there.

Try and see what you’re doing wrong (maybe watch pro gameplay), and work from there. There is no magical fix. Just hard work and study.


Yeah man you’re just gonna have to keep practicing and put a lot of time and commitment to the game, keep watching those tutorial videos and watch tons of good matches. Hey, I’ve spent almost 3-4 years playing MvC3 just to get where I am at now and to be able to handle things myself. Just because you enjoyed Tekken 3, bought and played Tekken Advanced and played tons of TTT1 doesn’t mean you’re gonna be good at it when you jump in but it helps you choose who you want to use for your team (unless you’re going SOLO) and also that those old Tekken games play differently. So man just PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and don’t give up, every player has their ups and downs. But if you truly feel that TTT2 isn’t your game well try another fighting game. Keep in mind all these good advice people are giving you hear.


The fights are getting better now. Thinking more about what’s going on on screen and what to do next. Much closer fights and come backs and taking down a few brown rank players (whether or not they were going all out is something I won’t know). Now if I can take that to ranked.


Stop playing ranked period until you get to a point where you can actually win consistently in like player match or something. Ranked is pretty much a distraction at this point and its really holding you back.


^ Yes, don’t go to ranked at all yet. Just keep it at Player matches until the end of time. But in all seriousness, just drop the idea of ranked out of your mind and enjoy the


I would say ranked is not inherently bad but if you find yourself losing ranked and consistently getting frustrated or being thrown off your game just stop. You should not be focused on winning, you should be focused on enjoying yourself and leveling up (regardless of what your W/L says).


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Hey man, what’s up? I understand that playing Tekken can be disheartening. If you want I can play you and give you sound advice on what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. I hate for people to come to the franchise and just get frustrated cause they keep getting blown up. Anyway the offer is always there. My PSN is “Galen-SDT” and my XBL is “Galen SDT” feel free to hit me up on either of them. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up in terms of technicality and what not.I’ll cover everything I know. From how to walk forward and backwards to Combos to oki to whatever you’re going to need to have in your tool bag that you can start practicing on your own and understand exactly what’s goin in the game. Good luck and man I hope all goes well.


EDIT Been playing this game with a friend in pair play on ranked with me doing a bit of teaching. He hasn’t played any Tekken since 3 and a little of my copy of Tag 2 a year ago and he got surprisingly good! Just letting him pick whoever he wanted at first, and he got decent with Yoshimitsu (not 10th dan play or anything, but he got quite good!)! Managed, in a few hours a 70% win ratio, a few win streaks, couple of characters to 1st Dan and I also taught him a bit about throw breaking, binding, tag combos. Was so much fun, makes me want to play this game again


From a personal view, practice does make perfect. The key things to work on in TTT2 is movement, parrying, safe launching, punishing, and blocking. You also have to know when to switch safely. The game gets hard but worth the effort.
I use Forest/Leo frequently and I climb to Grand Master but then get demoted. Its an ongoing cycle. I feel that I won’t switch to other characters til I get my favs to Vanquisher. Dedication and patience will reward you. Learn every thing about your character and about your most hated to fight against. Knowing when to use something will step your r game up a lot.


Fair, but I don’t play this game anymore (or quite rarely) tbh

  1. Bored of Alisa + Bob all the time and going nowhere fast. I’ve reached 10th a couple of times, but no further. Maybe in a year’s time I’ll make 11th.
  2. No. That’s boring
  3. Again, no. Never had to study any game that I’ve deemed worth playing to get somewhere with it/beat it
  4. Been there

If I hadn’t bought this in 2012, I don’t think I’d be missing it. Maybe I should have left fighting games well alone, starting to get kind of bored now to be fair. I’ll still play a bit, but after roughly 650+ hours I’m not holding out too much hope of getting past 10th. Could still happen though



Why would you want to “get good” at a fight game?

You play games for fun, not to become good. If becoming good is your goal, then you have a pretty misdirected up goal.

If a game is no longer fun, then you should abandon that game immediately.

The fact that there are so many mentions of hours played, meaning that you are committing the fallacy of Sunk Cost and that you are violating the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility if you still play a game that is no longer fun for you.


You ever stop to consider that maybe just maybe. Not everyone shares your idea of fun? Maybe for some people the fun comes from mastering a fighting game and getting better and better at it by facing strong opponent’s in matches that go down to the last pixel of health? Because that’s fun for me.


Honestly, I can relate. I’ve never been too good at fighting games and have many times thought that they, in your words, “weren’t for me”.

I have many times over the years tried to ‘get good’ and when I finally felt I’d started to get into things and could take it online, I’d get crushed by people who would spam moves that I felt were cheap and that I simply couldn’t respond to properly.

Thing is, I’ve always enjoyed fighting games. When I was 3, I remember playing Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II turbo. I’d mash buttons, had no idea what I was actually doing (although I made a point of learning to all the fatalities and how to turn on blood moves). Probably had the most fun I’d ever had in any game.

Played all the games I could find: sf, kof, samurai shodown, tekken, virtua fighter, dead or alive, mortal kombat, MvC and any other obscure game I could find.

Always tried to beat my friends and for years thought I was great at fighting games because nobody I knew could beat me. Then I finally got internet and played online…

Obviously self confidence was shattered and for years I just played offline modes because it was the only way to feel good again.

At this stage in my life, I’m still not good. Even after pouring thousands of hours into training mode but I’ve let go of that negativity.

Fighting games are great fun, even if you get stomped on if you just give up with the quest for greatness. I’m sure you’ll get a lot better if you just relax, stop with the self deprecation and just have fun in whatever way you can while playing.

If you don’t find it fun, then honestly, it would make more sense to do something you enjoy with your spare time. Life is short, have fun and stop worrying.