Delete plese thanks


Close please


I only got one thing to say: Friends dont let friends play while they are drunk.

in a serious note, nice stick man, you will get more attention if you change the art on the stick tho. you know some street fighter theme maybe. just my 2 cents.


if they buyer wants a different artwork i will print it for the buyer.
as long is if its high resolution wallpaper.


swap out the artwork to blanka .
will ship old artwork + paper so you can print out more.






Are you serious man? Blatantly soliciting on someone’s thread and didn’t even have the 6 months requirements? Oh man.


wtf man


the dude is gone. BANNED.


price lower to $65 shipped


Bump, …


bump selling the case only with buttons now.


i might be interested, could you take some more pictures of sides, bottom, etc. ? Just to get an idea of the condition its in.



i was lazy and didn’t sand down the case when i painted it to make it smooth.
i’ll throw in a free otoc gate too for the jlf stick.


Your original post says $65 shipped.


huh? it is 65 shipped


no pcb or yes?


If it comes with a Xbox360 PCB or Playstation3 PCB I’ll take it.


case and 6 green buttons only.
if it did come with pcb i would have said so on the post


That’s one hell of a deal bro. Are you in the Bay?