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American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81


Tommy Robinson wrote “Enemy of the State” about his experience defying the UK police state and it’s attempts to silence the truth about the Muslim grooming gangs. He is very likely to die from Muslim gangs in Prison, so the government essentially has just sentenced him to death. The UK government put gag orders on the press to keep the word from getting out.


Fuck the UK. They really want to die to an ideology all for the sake of what?


Sorry for the daily mail source, but it was actually informative on these “grooming gangs”

From 25 June 2015:

First off, it’s not only Muslim men. It’s not even only men.

What is your source for this?

Previously,Tommy Robinson is a known criminal.

But actually looks plausible that he will be beat up in prison given the past events:

He was beat up, but unable to corroborate if it was a purely Muslim group that did it. It seems plausible given his co founding of the “English Defense League” (EDL), which is a hate group that specifically targets Muslims. Note he left the group citing that it was too extreme. However it seems his views haven’t changed much, or at leas the public perception of those views.

But about what Jride posted:

Laws are clear. Can’t be recording inside the courtroom.

He’s not a victim.

From the EDL wiki:
The ideology in forming the EDL was the belief that the religion of Islam “challenges an English, Christian way of life”

So even though he criticizes Islam and Scientology in the same sentence, he doesn’t criticize Judeo Christian Mormon religions.


it’s a fascinating and scary thing.

Let’s be real and not call them grooming gangs, they’re rape mobs.





Spain and Italy with new elected people…




shit’s 'bout to go down!!!




Not sure why he used a 2012 study, when 2016 is good and published. Key word in the report is “REPORTED”.

Biggest issue with these types of vids are that he should basically destroy almost any person on the street. He’s definitely had more prep time on the subjects. I have yet to really see him go toe to toe with someone on the street on the same level. Many of these people go in with an emotional response and he just triggers them to death. If you are going to debate a position, come correct.



Hopefully she uses that to take back control of Norway.





remember the story 'bout the snake???

Why did you bite…