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God bless america

What a headline…


And they make sure to let you know that the kid was African American.

So yeah - mighty White of the cop.

The cop responded to a call about a call, recalled seeing two Black kids earlier, swung his car around, drove back to them, pulled his gun out, got out of his car with a bead on the children, and decided NOT to shoot them, instead electing to let them live with the knowledge that he COULD have killed them if he had wanted to.

What a great guy.


Shut the fuck up and calm down. You know damn well race is always brought up to get people like you to bite and spout dumb ass remarks.


I am perfectly calm.

Know who isn’t?

The hot-blooded pig who believes possession of a BB gun is grounds for murdering children.


Come to Canada guys, we just smoke weed and our Prime Minister is a cuck


I don’t care for weed but yes Leafs have a cuck PM




Say what you will about Tucker Carlson, but no one should have their home and family threatened.



“I’m a woman here, I’m a woman here, I’m a woman here, I mean, I’m a woman here…”

Okay then.

Stay there please, kthxbi.


She’s using antifa’s words against them…


How can you tell? :coffee:



Didn’t know that the royal family of Jordan are direct descendants of the prophet Muhammad!!!


World War 3: Satellite images show HUNDREDS of Russian tanks massing on Ukraine border


I don’t see any facts.


American president regrouping his pieces (military)… It’s like chess, Risk, D&D, Magic: The Gathering IRL


Ladies and gents, we have a winner.


delete this old thread…


Jion, dont necro threads and change their titles to get mods to do anything.

Thats nkt how it works.