Delete this please


Alright guys, I am sorry for being a cry baby complaining about a match with BOT in ranked match.

I guess I am the one who does not understand the culture here, because I posted the same thread in other communities and this place is the only place who seem to vouch for the bot player.

So… since ranked matches are not even close to real tournaments, there is no serious harm done in using a bot…???

and I actually made myself a scrub because I call this bot user “trash” ?

Again I am sorry to cause a disturbance over nothing (as you guys put it…).

It was my mistake to even think that I was providing an info on a guy who uses Infiltration’s name (whom I really respect) and uses unauthorized methods in ranked matches.

This was my first thread and will be last thread anyway, so no more unnecessary insult please…


This isn’t Capcom Unity, they aren’t going to see this.


well everyone is free to choose their CFN name, even if the name is used by some pro player. but yeah, this is a known bot. but as far as I know the account has another name but due to some server issues took over infiltrations name. it’s like in the thread we had yesterday where some user noticed that the games shows damdai as daigo for whatever reason.


well I currently don’t have unity account, and despite the fact that I mentioned Capcom more than few times, I don’t really care if they see this or not, cause I know they don’t lol…


well I know what you mean… but u know what I mean… don’t you?


people who write bots for games usually fall in one of two camps - people who are doing it for the challenge and satisfaction, and people who are doing it so they can sell the bot for personal profit. i don’t see toolassisted selling his USF4 bot or his SFV bot, so he’s a cool guy in my book.

plus he makes things like this happen, and his twitter personality is pretty funny.

just chill out and disconnect if you are really keen on not playing against the bot.


Then what the hell is the point of your thread?


Who cares.


What’s Infiltrations real ID?


wow… calm down man

“I am pretty sure some people are aware of this fake one (especially, if you saw Daigo’s beasTV on Twitch these days), but I just wanted to share this video with YOU”

happy now?


his real ID is also “RZR_INFILTRATION”


Wouldn’t this fall in the same line of problems as Fighter ID not showing up sometimes?


Things that happen with no Arcade Mode.


I played against tool assisted bot in one of the betas. The Karin bot was trash.


but you lost

I love when people say “he was trash”, “he used gimmicks”“he used macros”“he was tool assisted”“he played far away”"he was turtling like motha!@#$%^"etc and still lose.

I know where you coming from but if your going to talk trash you better win to support your argument otherwise you sound like a scrub. not talking to you specifically Hawkingbird,lol


LOL, srk forums.


Execution on point though! Lmao.


Using the name of a pro player for your CN isn’t that bad, it could be a tribute. You see it all the time in other games including SFIV.

the fact that there is an unbanned account that is botting is really bad though. That kind of thing, if commonplace, kills a games online community fast.


The irony being that cross-play magnifies the impact of that problem by having PC players coexist with PS4 players. Oops!


By not using steam or the PSN they also don’t have easy access to anti hacking measures that are standard on those platforms. Yet another way capcom going cheap is biting them in the ass. There’s a lot to network maintenance beyond servers working.