Delete this Soulcalibur VI thread


SC6 is said to be in development

"I was told it’ll be for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. There was no Xbox One version mentioned to me. The game should be revealed by the end of the year and make its 21st anniversary at least. One trustworthy source told me it would be revealed at PSX.


Soul Calibur

At least spell the name of the game right


Oh woah I didn’t realize I was taking an online vocab course on a video game forum. Or are the grammar Nazis going full throttle on the keyboard now

Pfft if you don’t get your lame raggedy ass out of here, you don’t want to do it with me. You tried it, the attempt was pathetic as hell


Makes a thread about a game, can’t spell it right.

The absolute state of FGD.


Has a hissy fit over a spelling error, and instead of politely correcting it, tries to be a lame edgy-wannabe smart ass

The absolute state of being behind a keyboard

Best believe the spelling era will stay right there too. How about that? Naw as a matter of fact, let me capitalize that motha fucka now. You want to be petty, I’ll show your ass petty

Lol for real getting mad over the error of caliber instead of calibur. Y’all need to get a life, pathetic as fuck


I always wondered why there is a considerable amount of idiots who misspell it as caliber.

Leave it to post 09ers


you do realize you’re going out of your way to be a cunt to a mod after its been pointed out twice that you mispelled the name of a game, right? Changing the thread title because you think it makes you cool just adds to the irony of you writing about hiding behind keyboards.

But sure, be a twat inside of Preppy’s realm and see how that works out for you.


I “tried it”? With a comeback like that you’re either a hoodrat or a super feminine ass nigga. Either way you aren’t going to last long here if a “grammar Nazi alert” gets your panties in a bunch. The people here has no problems hurting your feelings.


So because I spelled something wrong I’m an idiot? It’s funny how much people want to talk shit when they are behind a keyboard. But best believe you wouldn’t even think to say this shit in front of me, piece of poop

Motha fucka you’re the one who got triggered over a misspelling. Don’t you ever tried to play the “hurt your feelings” bullshit with me. And yet I’m the feminine ass nigga? Go ahead with your corny ass

You think I give a crap if you’re a mod? “Omg I’m scared” NOT. You are a mod, not a head mod and damn sure not an admin. There are higher powers on this site than you, and best believe if I wanted to I could make it my business to let them know how you’re talking to me right now

It’s ironic how you can find a misspelling easily, but you can easily look over the comments calling me out on my name, but than again you’re being just as pathetic so no surprise there

Funny how y’all also want to play victim and innocent. Because the ideal nice & reasonable non-smartass way to correct someone’s misspelling is definitely

At least spell the name of the game right


**Makes a thread about a game, can’t spell it right.

The absolute state of FGD.**




This ignorant bitchmade monkey doesn’t know the pain that he has brought upon himself :rofl:
But what do you expect of the snowflake generation


If you’re gonna make a smartass comment, at least quote me. Don’t be a completely whack user, at least be slightly less whack like the rest

I’d rather be a snowflake than a wannabe edgetard who can only get tough behind the keyboard




Didn’t know infants could make accounts now


Did you really just call Wizard on yourself?

Enjoy your permaban.


All these post, and none of it being on topic. And over a simple misspelling

What a world


So I’m gonna get a permaban for spelling something wrong? If defending myself equals permaban, than how what makes you think the ones calling me names and starting with me are going to be safer?


If SC6 is real (and i guest yes)

I will like them to recover SC1 artstyle and classic cast

But i’ve zero trust in peoples that got currently theyr filthy hands on muh SC, and if the recent concepts (likely of SC6) are an indication the trend will continue


LOL u @'d mrwizard

hooboi i feel sorry for you


No but he tends to Universe 9 things he sees as not worth his time. You just broke the number 1 unwritten rule on this site: never tag Wizard. May the Gods show you mercy.

Now to finally get on topic. If they do make a SC6 they need to go the Mortal Kombat route and reboot the franchise. Bring back all the beloved characters from the first 3 games and make their movelists versatile. We want to forget the travesty that was 5.