Delete this Soulcalibur VI thread

Anyone remember Shura? I liked her, and she was pretty different from Cervantes

Yes but I preferred the redheaded oni chick

As a mod, I’m gonna ask, how the hell is this something worth throwing a fit over? This is barely counts as snarky, and doesn’t even come off as some sort of attack, at least not one worth all this drama.

I mean, you could have just shrugged it off (and even blamed it on spell-check) and no one would think less of you.

Up to @Preppy since FGD is his section. Though I’d honestly close it and just start a new one. Thread’s been tainted with all this drama IMO.

Lets have some coffee (or any beverage) to cool off the edge and think if this rumor is even trustworthy.

I’ve seen you throw a fit on much worse, yet you’re trying to brush it off. Hmph and the title remains as is, y’all gonna get sick of denying the rude remarks

Looks like I made a SC6 thread last year with way more post and no petty users trying to jump someone over a spelling error

I’d rather we move there and have this one get closed. Because this topic got derailed and I have no plans on fixing the title for disrespectful degenerates

And yes it’s spelled Calibur there :confused:

Because it was “much worse”?

And I’ve used the “spell check” (and “fuck typing on touch screen”) excuse on spelling errors a fair number of times.

Some real mature mods we have here I see, not childish at all. I’ll inform the admin on your behavior as well. This is why the title will remain as is

Btw if I see you on FreeStepDodge again, I’ll make sure to inform everyone on that site on how you treated me

It’s ok I can’t spell either.

I cant read

If you’re going to bring my site into this, please spell it correctly: Free Step Dodge. That way at least the google search spiders find mentions of the site easier. You know, consistency and all.

Carry on.

It’s not your sight ass head, and no one was even talking to you so myob. And it’s called Free Step Dodge and Freestepdodge where even the mods spell it as the latter, so have several seats

I tried to be nice, but y’all are a bunch of punk ass f@gs tbh. Attacking 1 person,and for what over a spelling error? Bitches to the max

Wow so original. Just deleted this thread. It serves no purpose than for a bunch of ignorant idiotic lame losers attacking me and bullying me over minor shit. And this thread was already made

You are the one who got pissy over a spelling error and went full on retarded. Tried to be nice my ass.

Thanks. Wasn’t trying to be, but glad to hear it.

xEGAx made a simple comment that you got triggered by. SRK being what it is a bunch of people then amuse themselves, trying to help you build up thicker skin. It’s all in fun and is part of being part of the community.

That being said, this thread is clearly muddled to fuck, sooooooo let’s use the real thread: