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So I was wondering, am I the most pathetic person on the planet? Im in my 20’s never kissed a girl , I don’t work, I never went to college, Im short, im burnt black, and 40 pounds overweight. Im also chronically terrible at fighters, sports, and generally most things. Girls find me repulsive, and I have no style. I am basically the anti-poon, just being within 10 feet of same room with me garuntees you not to get laid. Im also socially akward and have no friends, and I don’t talk to my family much. Seriously what should I do? Im also genrally kind of a dick to the few people who can stand to be around me for more than 4 minutes.


Get a job after this thread gets closed.


on the bright side it seems like your pretty good at self deprecation


but how can I use that? at all?


Down the road…not across the street.


To what? Get a job?

Because that is the only thing you should be focusing on. You whine about your status in life but do nothing that constitutes self improvement. Just another lazy fuck looking for an easy way out or a means of escape.


Stop being a dick. That’s a good start. Unless you happen to excel at being a dick. :tdown:


so I should end it?


Do the opposite of the description. You could start workign out, get a job, stop being a dick and spend your time doing something productive instead of playing fighting games. Also getting bitches is less about good looks and more about your presentation. If you walk up with some damn swagger, tell a bitch to suck a dick and you don’t give a fuck, they’ll listen. If you get in there like you wanna write them a poem, you ain’t getting shit.


End what?

How can you end something that you haven’t started?


You need to get a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude


Is this for real?

If so, perhaps take some time to review your childhood and figure out the things you enjoyed and desired.

Use that data to figure out some ideas of what kind of life you want to create for yourself. What you want on a deeper level than impulse and whim.

Identify specifically what interferes with that. Is there something you fear, and if so what? Are you submitting to distractions and lesser comforts? Are you just not interested in the options presented to you? Do you lack means to make out of your life what you want? Talk to yourself about it. Write about it. Get the details. Think about it. Try small experiments to overcome whatever interferences you identify.

If you’re going to end it, do so by giving yourself to it fully rather than pulling yourself out of it completely. Or at least do something super fucking cool like seppuku in a grocery store.


Start using crack.

Shit man, I’m already kinda picturing you like this


Nahhh I have a low tolerance for pain. SO I was gonna go jump off a building or do the asprin/sleeping pills and alcohol combo.


Wouldn’t kill me fast enough, but your input is appreciated.


OP is serious.

He will type up a thousand pages online saying how bad he is at real life before he actually tries to change himself in real life.


Man, if sovi3t can get laid, so can you.


Nigga don’t be dumb. I’m gonna give you one small piece of advice that is going to change your life: Start working out. You’re gonna take 3 months to work out and eat right every day. By the end of this testosterone levels are gonna go up, you would have lost a bunch of weight and then you’ll feel better about yourself.

So…start working out. That will help deal with some of the self-esteem issues you have going on.


But all the people at the gym look better than me. And are buff/beautiful. They would just laugh at me cause I can’t bench 340 pounds…

How do you know what Im gonna do?

it did start. Just not well. I do wish life had a reset button though.


Alright I’m fucking done. This is some bullshit trolling at this point. Either follow the advice or go fuck yourself. Nobody told you to go to a gym. Just eat some salads, snack on some fruits in between meals and go jogging every day.