Delete thread plz?


I have the official one up now

Weird. I was thinking about AlphaISM 2, today, for some reason.

Should play music in the off hours!

so does #alphaismradio still live, can we get -m in there?

What’s good D’Nyce?

Best of luck to you in carrying the torch.


Ill be ur first guest bitch!! J/k lol.

Ok guys

I’ll let you vote for the name of the show.

Its in your hands now.

heres a few names:

Shoryuken Radio
Red Parry Radio
Shoyukisnm Radio
Junior Alphaism Radio

Betaism Radio

Radio SRK

Mixup Radio

Reset Radio???

Crouching Fierce Radio

Crouch Cancel Radio

Rushdown radio

how about fighting games radio show? with first special guest form the man himself: Bunkei.

Chun-Fag Radio
SuperCancel Radio
Cross-up Radio
Karathrow Radio
Shippu Jinradio

JDash Radio. Featuring 100% more JDash!

Naw, seriously, maybe Hado Radio, Beastcoast Radio?

D Nyc(think of it as D as thee, Nyc as in Nice) Radio

so in other words D nice radio, but spelled D Nyc Radio which is your game tag/your the host anyway.

since its really not alpha based anymore…I’d go for somthing non creative like radio or somthing if you could get the srk big wigs into that :slight_smile:

since its instantly recognized and all.

Will this show be focused exclusively on fighting games (I’m not too familiar with Alpha-Ism), or will it be a slightly game-focused rant?

thats what I was thinking. RDR?

Rushdown radio does have a nice ring to it…