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Doesn’t need it’s own thread. Anyway:

[]Here’s your setup: Magneto Disruptor, Wesker Shot, Doom Missiles
]All your magneto combos should be ending with Magnetic Tempest if you have meter and a reset if you have none, as you have at least 2 ways to set a tempest up with your characters.
[]Magneto has a fullscreen blow-up with Wesker. Shockwave xx Phantom Dance hits all the way across the screen fast.
]Doom locks down with Missiles, Wesker gives you unblockables and OTGs into Tempest with his shot.
[]When your Magneto is dying, you do Shockwave xx Rhino Charge. Now you have Wesker with Disruptor assist. You are fucking disgusting.
]In case you feel like switching your order: Magneto Doom Wesker. You get a 100% DHC in the corner from Tempest into Doom’s SphereFlame, anchor Wesker in XF3 but you lose the chance to go Wesker + Disruptor on someone’s ass.
That’s all for now, pretty much.


I just recently started experimenting with this team as it has great dmg out put, rush down and zoning. I would anchor wesker though as him in lvl 3 is always scary so your opponents might want to force a snap as not to deal with that. I’m also using dooms beam to help cover my advancements with magneto. Let me know how it works out. Wesker with the gun assist makes for nice unblockable set ups with mag and doom.

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Wesker is really suboptimal in this team. He doesn’t really help Mags or Doom in the ways that they need help, which is help through a pressure assist.


wesker should be on every team. This game is dumb.


he’s a second point character that helps Magneto’s damage output and mix-up game. his DHCs are fucking shit though so you need to be really creative.

At least that’s how it works with my team.
I miss the DHC glitch on my team :stuck_out_tongue:


I still think Wesker/Mags >> Mags/Wesker. OTG assist for Mags is kind of a “win more” option IMO and since Mags is usually in the corner, a DHC into Phantom Dance is ass. The unblockables are nice though. Wesker gains a full retard teleport mixup to greatly enhances his neutral and a combo extender off of EM Disruptor (I’ve seen it extend before, I just can’t replicate it for some reason) and midscreen Phantom Dance into Tempest is a much stronger DHC.


Thing is, the way I work the team, I have both Magneto with unblockables and OTG into tempest for damage, and Wesker with EM. Disruptor backing him up.
H. Disruptor xx Shockwave xx Rhino Charge, when magneto is close to dying, is safe against most characters.

(also, I’ve seen the disruptor+OTG combo extension, but also can’t replicate it… maybe it has to do with his glasses?)


call magneto before u do otg shot.


I’ just haven’t found any awesome combos using the 2 yet. I end my mag combos with tempest with out assist already so I’m experimenting still. I’ll post my findings.

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With Mag/Doom/Sent you get two different assist extension enders after a Hyper Grav:

Call Missiles, st.HS jMMHS Missiles hit, Hyper Grav HxxTempest
Call Drones, st.HS jHS Drones hit, dash down Tempest.

There’s more but these are the ones that I use.


You can do air Hyper Grav M instead of dash down, too. Gets a bit more damage in, i think.


But…it doesn’t look as cool :[



xD too good.


In this team I’d consider running point Wesker to build meter/suss out your opponent, he works really with with distruptor and missile lock down with Doom. If you keep it the way you’ve currently got it, I’d definitely put Wesker as anchor for his level 4 shenanigans with glasses off/level 3 x-factor. He has weaker DHCs than Doom and Mags/Doom can actually pull off some terrifying TACs.


I also use magneto and dr.doom, this combination has got to be one of the cheapest in the entire game.

Magneto with hidden missiles can do pretty much whatever he wants. example A: call missles, superjump (bait for some kind of dr.doom punish on the ground, so mash on missiles to get them annoyed of them) , fly, dash in for either a free punish if the opponent goes after doom or a mixup when missiles start to lock them down.

Defensive tactics… its magneto bro, hes got disrupter, great normals , fly, has fast dashing (with the exception of Air dash back down), and magnetic shockwave for people who love to air dash pressure you, its a free punish since one can no longer block while air dashing.

use Dr Doom missiles to lock them down, use Magneto and Wesker to mix them up.
you can also setup an unblockable with samurai edge assist and a magneto throw.

for example, call missiles, tri-jump in their face, go for a air/ground grab with magneto into the corner.
fly, call wesker(samurai edge assist), cancel fly with S, if dont correctly it will hit low and high at the same time, at which point you can combo into some serious damage.

you can also use doom missiles/samurai edge to extend your combos.
this team can be cheap, doom and wesker are beasts in ultimate.

good luck, and remember that these are some of the most basic concepts one can adopt, there is way more tech for you to discover, these are just some ideas to get you going.