I removed it, People just don’t get it the community is far not mature enough.


Can understand the sentiment. Not the sexism stuff, that stuff is just sore nerd e-peen the names are a bit excessive. Just ignore that guys get similar stuff just the insults having a sexist tone unnerves me a bit : /. I play newer games and all the old thoughts still work towards them just it’s not the same.


Communities only grow when they work together. There’s a reason the best gaming communities are typically that with the largest number of players. Just the internet is a place where a lot of people think acting shitty is ok. Hope you find some good ST players to keep yourself going, and if not there are a few mainstream games that you could probably transition towards. I understand the attatchment to the first FG you take seriously, imo as long as theirs a good community you can get a similar experience with most other fighting games. You’d be surprised how much the ST basics transition, just have to start thinking a bit more about your air game in newer fighters.

sexism stuff just was a kneejerk reaction on my part as it surprised/annoyed me. However, know a chick who used to play competitive Call of Duty and she got similar stuff.


That’s some Top Tier trolling cigarslut, I’ll admit you’re good at some things.

I wonder how many more White Knights will pop up in this thread…


Not such top tier trolling ^^^


GGPO has an ignore feature for all the supposed sexists.

You’re a retard. Cigarslut is just trolling.


Your troll game needs more mind games. ^^ Roll tier troll, back to 4chan from whence you came.


Yes I’m the troll, because I make unwarranted threads about sexism in a forum dedicated to a video game.

White Knight some more, fool.

Oh and F/SN is lame as fuck.


They are immature and dumb but these people are everywhere and say all sorts of troll shit to everyone. The difference is you just gave them ammunition.


Gamers should not advertise their gender in their gamertags.
That way, no one will criticise you for having or not having certain anatomical parts.
More creative tags then, and no more flak because your tag brings it to the attention of immature fools.


You can’t control how people act online.


I think we could all do with less negativity in our lives.



First off, Tits or GTFO.

Second, y u no post tits?

Third, girls should not type up such long posts. Guys stop listening after the first sentence.


I’ve no problems with you being a girl gamer…

but I don’t go around complaining I have a small dick because I’m Asian and some non-Asian woman made fun of me about it.

Shut up and go clean the toilet. I’ll go make rice, and we’ll all fit nicely into what society wants us to be.


Try again.


The usual passiveagressive woman schtick.

They do this when they have no counter-argument.

I’m sorry did your own words work against you ?

I guess that must mean your experience was a good one and this thread is completely worthless.

Good job.


The internet is a cruel cruel world.

Just man the fuck up.


Aww did someone challenge your position and you couldn’t respond ?

Well why don’t we all treat you a little bit extra nicely instead of how we would treat everyone else since you are a woman afterall.

Nice job deleting your posts.

Congratulations on making your already worthless thread even more worthless.


I won a small ST tournament a week or two ago in Denmark. Nothing fancy mainly just SF4 players and Tekken/Guilty players that joined in for the fun.

What have you been up to in regards of ST recently ?
I wonder which one of us i truely not where they belong.

Hint: It involves the kitchen.