I read :stuck_out_tongue: can I delete it??

I really hope they give him his scissor distance back.

I was thinking it is nice for scissor push distance before…but now I understand, it actually fk bison badly, before I was play pure rush/turtle, not understand footsie and momentum, but now I know little more, and these distance become my problem now:

before I was getting rushed down so bad, I don’t block right, and I hate jump in after scissor, now I just block and walk away…

now? I can’t jump, in super sometime you can get into ambiguous because spacing, specially after scissor, you can dash back, you can do again, you can normal (, st.HK)
you can even walk to it and throw/block and they can’t react.

NOW? is just too obvious, because they got more time to react to your next move after scissor which just slightly break the momentum, and bison is crucial and even desperate need those WHT IS NEXT?? momentum, in some cases, I can’t even get in…even after scissor is block, is just not smart to do something else beside walk back…

You don’t even read this forum or know whats going on bro

^this, there’s already been a discussion on it