80 bucks+shippingd. The se case is stripped to the core except for the start and select buttons and the TE case will come with a ps3 pcb which might or might not and the turbo panel .So I’m selling it as a dead pcb.

i will throw in a paewang pcb that needs a little bit of soldering. last time i used it worked fine.


80 each or 80 bucks total for both?


80 for both plus shipping I messed up lol


How much for the TE Case by itself.


i want to get rid of both sorry.


bump free paewang pcb with the purchase :tup:


That’s a hell of a deal. Good guy bump


Bump…had i not just got a voltech case, an omni and a paewang I probably would’ve jumped on this lol.


how come you didnt get a ps360+? i was lucky enough to snatch one from phreak on time :tup: post pics of the ball and chain soon:)


damn super tempting -________- if i wasnt saving to get my ae86 on the road i would


:rofl: it seems everybody is low on fedz. but its cool im not in a hurry just want to get some te-s wooden sides and a new ps2


any pics?


theres the pic the plexi will be included since its damaged. dont let drunk friends borrow stuff specially a plexi top


Can please say the size and weight of the whole package?


I haven’t weight it but its around 11 pounds but I calculate the shipping as ten pounds


I’m asking it because, I’m from Brazil and if you can’t send it directly, I may have to foward it from California, so I will need all the details:



are u willing to part out the guide/turbo panel… i dont need the pcb… just the 2 switches and the whole guide assemble?