Oh, shit! Is it true?


Go back and watch Combofiend’s video overview of Seth’s changes. To paraphrase, he believes he “now takes skill to use” as if he didn’t before.

This is why his comment at Evo regarding wanting to do more with Seth worries me. With Yun and Dee Jay you know what’s coming, but Seth can truly go either way at this point. My guess is more nerfs. I actually think Combofiend forgot that Seth can still trap with his super.


Not sure if Combo actually has/had any input on the balance changes though. He just seems more like a community face. Regardless, a lot of players at all skill levels hate Seth. These changes are just ugh… Honestly, why can’t they just buff characters up instead of screwing with the decent ones.

After too damn many editions of this game you’d think they would have changed things like the reversal window, reliability of anti-airs, and knockdown duration instead of adding crap like DWU and ruining offensive SRK FADC. /venting


Let’s be honest: Vanilla Seth was the best character in the game.

As for Seth’s future changes, I’m fairly positive we’re looking at buffs. It’s been noticed that Seth play has drastically dropped, as well as the win %.


IDK about that. Akuma and Viper were extremely good in Vanilla too. Sagat would probably still have the top spot looking at matchups alone. Even if the game had more time to develop, I can’t see Seth above those 3.

The low HP was a hell of a lot more noticeable back then since everyone did more damage.

Buffs would be greatly appreciated, but I’m not getting my hopes up. They’d have to pretty much revert to Super or AE 2012 for me to go back to Seth as a main. Decapre has been way too fun. I’m gonna keep playing him as a secondary for a few matchups though.


I always felt Seth was 4th in Vanilla behind Sagat, Akuma, and Ryu. In Edition Select, however, Seth is probably bumped up to 2nd best Vanilla character thanks to having the wrong vitality/stun values.


There’s no way Seth was higher in tiers in vanilla than Cammy. And I don’t care who hates Seth. More fuel for the fire.


I want you guys to go back and play whoever you feel like was the best, and do it with Vanilla Seth. I played 30+ games straight with guys who were using Vanilla Sagat, Vanilla Cammy, AE Yun, and every other character they could think of that would have a leg up.

Let’s just say we changed games before it got too bad.

If you take the knowledge and tricks we’ve learned over the years, and apply it now, Seth is without a doubt (in my opinion) the best character in Vanilla.


Maybe you’re just damn good, lol. :slight_smile: I’m not gonna really argue the point, but again, that extra 50 life and 150 stun for Vanilla Seth may have played something of a role in your domination of the other Vanilla characters you played against.


What a troll… The first post you make is a ridiculous claim that Combofiend personally and intentionally nerfed Seth, because he was salty over some online matches… Really? Ultra is likely Seth’s worst form, but he’s still a powerful character with high combo and damage potential. Arguing that the character is more reasonable now instead of a god-tier monster is a joke.


Hahaha, glad to receive the humor, Jinrai. Yeah, it’s really just theory fighter anyways, but it would be nice to see an edition select tournament between top players (PoongKo & Dashio as representatives for Seth).

I wonder how many have incorporated Red Focus into their game that they’d choose Ultra versions of characters.


Yeah, I was thinking Cammy might have been quite strong in Vanilla. Non EX TKCS was hella amazing and a unblockables existed back then too. Her jumping short only crossed up on a few members of the cast outside of setups, though and I believe she got buffs to her footsies/pokes in Super. It would be interesting to see how well she would fare with current knowledge.


Combo taking blame for things he has no control over. Doing his Capcop job well.

HY currently putting in work at TGU with Seth.


I’ve never heard of HY. I’ll try to keep an eye out for him if the stream continues this weekend.



There’s one match.


HY has a new fan.


He made it 5th.