wico sticks fit inside the same layout as a happ competition, right?

somebody had told me that.

if that’s the case, i’ll take it…

i wish that virtua stick wasnt so expensive :frowning:

any way i can get some sorta deal? :slight_smile:

cause it looks perfect for me to mod for my cabinet :slight_smile:

Much of the mounting area is cut off though. Check the pics, might work for ya, might not. It also seemed like the wico’s base takes up a tiny bit more room than a comp, although it’s close.

yeah, thing is, what i’ve heard…

chinatown fair in new york uses wicos on their mvc2 cabinets, so i wanted one, because i love the way they play. if they might not work, then i’d rather not spend the money :frowning:
if i can get somebody to confirm that it’ll fit, that’s fine, and i’ll go through with it.
i can make a new mounting plate or fake one… i’m good at things like that.

Yes, the Virtua Stick Pro does have LS-32s, however, it does not have Seimitsu buttons, only Sega made ones.

Damn I was looking for a Saulabi base but something in better condition.

It’s funny, as I recall, I bought that thing from you. Sorry I trashed it :slight_smile:

got aim or msn so we can talk?

Hey, yeah I do. Unfortuantely, I sold the sega dual stick. If you want to discuss something else let me know and I’ll hop on AIM (id: PhilXHS)


<is sad now>

Wow, I posted this on the Tekken forums not long after I did here, and it got like 1/8 of the traffic here.

What’s the mounting depth on the blue Wico stick? Also on the Crown buttons.

I’ll let ya know when I get back home tomorrow afternoon.

Alright, forgot about their website, According to their site the dimensions are:

32mmI D27mmHI 40mm

So the inner button in 27 mm in width, the outer diameter is 32mm, and depth is 40mm. I’ll confirm those when I get home and update this post to reflect the actual sizes.

Alright, the crown buttons need about 35mm from top of the panel and down. The plunger size is pretty much exactly as big as a Happ competition button, but the outer black ring is smaller in diameter. I just checked, and 11 of the blue have their snap in clips intact, and all the green ones do. The green ones are probably the ones in the best condition. The wico is about 2.5 inches in depth, and would be shorter depending on how you mount the battop, the current battop extends down a bit. The width of the base is 2.75 inches (on the bottom), and comes to about 3 inches with the particular cherry switches on it. Note, these cherrys stick out a bit more than current ones. Hope that helps.

Yeah, it does. I’m interested in some Crown buttons, I’ll PM you when I am ready to get some. The wico stick won’t fit where I want to mount it though.

bump, new prices

bump, big update, new items and prices on everything

PM sent for Happ sticks.