All this stuff moved to ebay.

bumpity bump bump.

Will consider offers.

Will trade stuff for

Jamma pcbs.
Compatible games. Will really consider 2d Fighting games.
Also looking for an XBox Live Camera.
Will consider Jamma PCBs

Help me out.

I would trade my copy of MvC2 for the stick, but my DC doesn’t play copied games.

BY MVC2 I meant like as in for the Arcades. I am getting into the Arcade Cabinet leagues. So that is what I was looking for.

pm sent

do you still have the Big Daddy figure boxed unopened?

How much for the N64 Expansion pack by itself shipped?

I do have it. It was sent back from Getting replaced. I have not opened it from the white box they sent it, I could open it and take a pic if you want. I also have the book with the art if you are interested.

I would not like to get rid of it by itself, since I don’t think it will work without it. I don’t have the original one I once had for it.

The N64 will still work without the expansion pack. Only a small amount of games actually required it to play.

Even without the original Jumper pack thing? He said he only has the Expansion pack period.

Oh my bad. Yeah. It won’t work without the original jumper pack, sadly. :frowning:

Will also trade stuff for a PS2 Slim.
Also looking for a J-PAC
and ps2 > Jamma

Bumping this UGLY

bumpity bump bump.
WTT for 2d Fighting Games for PS2 or CPS II, some JAMMA too like TMNT or The Simpsons. Prices have to somewhat match. If your game being traded is awsome I will even pay for shipping to me.

Prices dropped, everything is including shipping.

You can’t sell your warcraft account here, i don’t think…

I have heard, yes and no.

Price drop. On many of the items.