Trades considered. SF Alpha is now on ebay starting at $40 buckaroo’s(currency on my planet).

Bumpity bump bump wump.

SF Alpha 2 for the CPS2 still on ebay
at $40 :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a freaking steal.

Dude, I don’t remember you telling me you were selling your SFA2 board when you stopped by. I would have jumped on that, so that I have something else to put in my cab. Hit me up… I prob can’t receive pm’s right now since I’m no longer premium atm. Just reply here for now, or call to see if I’m working at my store.

I did try to pm you. Give me an e-mail at

maybe we can work something out.

Ohh yeah, I did not like MvC2, I umm dont like the Tag team fighting.
I can still return it right?

SF Anniversary is so much my style of fighting.

Truth. Shame I don’t have a consolized CPS2 A board.

On the other hand… looks at his XBox-turned-emulation-console

You don’t like Marvel!! Whaaaaa? Anyway, sent you an email. Yes. You can still return it.

Hey Shin, does that Gamestop have any Halo 3 Spartans?
Also like I said, I can wire just about any console controller for any system. Let me know if you need some done.

SFA2 still On Ebay:

Sega Panel I have gotten some offers, seeing who will take it.

The Fender for the 360 is still available at $45, simply because the guide button does not work. It very new, plays well on Rock Band.

Yeah, we have one.

If you 360 Fender guitar’s guide button doesn’t work, why don’t you use EA’s replacement service to get a new guitar?

This one was a replacement sent by EA. My previous one’s overdrive would not respond correctly, so I sent it in got this one. I added a skulls decal and then later found the button not to work. I just stopped caring since I have the Guitar Hero guitar. The buttons work, just not the guide button.

One day left on the Street Fighter Alpha 2 CPS2. Just throwing it out there. For the Panel Ihave a prospector, but not a closed deal at the moment, If not sold by Fri then it will go in storage or something.