internal pics of the stick?


didnt this go on ebay for 85 with 0 bids?

typo check

internal pics of the stick?

I like how Odas always says something about the prices keeping the people honest or at least salting on there game on how it can be bought cheaper on ebay.

yep but they arent modded on ebay, at least most of them

a stock one went for $125 last week… and to be fair i almost bid on this when it was up.

Yup, they are becoming very Rare.


Your modded with Happ SFAC arcade stick. look good but I hate that Competition Joystick.
I’ve a Super Happ Joystick is 8 years old and best.

$135 shipped is definitely not a bad price for this stick, especially if it’s as clean as v4mp says it is. He also does quality work. I currently own one of his modded SFAC sticks that he sold me last year.

this exact same stick from vampiro was on ebay, for 85, not just some random SFAC happ stick. i wanted to bid but decided against it after certain things came up.

just curious why it was 85 on ebay, went its run with 0 bids, now its 135.

im interested in the stick or i woudlnt be asking, why its more expensive now than it was last week… did something else get changed with the stick? was it cleaned? new pcb? typo?

Here is this one for $89 if you are interested. :tup: