Have to let this one go?

It looks good.
Still have your other Death Smiles?

Yeah, keeping my other one. This one is visually nicer to look at, but I like them both and I don’t really need two sticks.

Price adjustment

… I love purple. Is the art easily replaceable? I love the artwork, it looks nice but I’m not that familiar with the game. Anyway, what console is it for?

The art can be replaced, but I don’t know how.

Like I said, it has a VGA output, so it works with AV6000, NeoGeo and I’m including a control box (which means no lag) so it works with anything PS2.

Your initial post was really confusing to me too, and I mod and padhack myself. I couldn’t tell if this WAS a supergun because you said “VGA” output, which is vdeo, you should say DB-15/25 whatever connector on it for clarity…

Beautiful stick though. Just curious what game was this made for that only needs 3 buttons?

I really doubt you could fit a supergun inside an agetec. That wouldn’t make much sense, now, would it? I said it “works with” the AV6000 Supergun and comes with a control box for PS2.

To answer your latter question… pretty much every single shooting game to ever be created.

There’s plenty of empty space in an Agetec, and a Jrok encoder and RGB Sync Cleaner are two very small chips. I could certainly do it.

Portable supergun!

I was just trying to give you some advice because two people reading your post were confused by your use of “VGA out” (which is a video standard) instead of the DB-15 connection standard.

Hmm… I’ve not much experience with them. I have an AV7000 Sigma and it works well, it’s pretty high end and I don’t really intend on replacing it any time soon.

The advice is appreciate though, thanks.


I wish I had money for this. I don’t even play anything that only uses three buttons, though. Still, it looks so beautiful. :frowning:

what kind of semitsu stick is in it? and any idea how its mounted?

Its is beautiful it just needs a few more buttons

Says its a ls32 in the description. Not sure how he mounted it. But judging by the pics, its looks to be the correct height

yeah, it looks good…

the main reason i asked was because i considered trying out some semitsu sticks, and was curious about mounting it in various cases.

If I had money, I’d buy this stick. It’s just so beautiful!

Ill be putting an ls56 in one of these cases. This might help you

Bump. Thanks for the support guys.