Deleted OP. Fuck you bums


This type of thing makes you really think who people really are…


When are we going to see the final pics?


Never. The thirst is keeping you guys from realizing that the chick’s gone lol. Probably won’t be coming back.


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twas a shame, a most unfortunate experience @Sapphire

feel free to pm the final results tho


Better change that name of yours to Lightest Rookie, ol’ m’lady rides a white horse in massah’s finest armor ass nigga.


but that hat and pendant tho


Oh my god lmao


You know that nigga was pimping some white hoes back in the day…


Best part of that picture is the visible crotch bulge.







Awesome Karin stuff. Your Kitana cosplay looks cool, too.


Had some real-life shit I had to handle.

Yea I finished the cosplay. I didn’t do a Image Mish-mash cosplay, I did a Street Fighter V one; so since little is thought of my cosplay then I’m not posting shit. My deviantART page is same name as my twitter.

This thread got out of hand because it was ALLOWED to…

Oh and @“Okazaki III” You’re a rude, nasty mf, no wonder ya business failed… ROTFLMFAO!!! That’s the REAL reason you hatin on others tryna do something.


@Sapphire i don’t have Twitter Q_Q.


Actually if you take time to comprehend sentence #1 is wrong then you’d understand why sentence #2 happened.


she has posted her complete co splay project yet you lot of rapid uncouth hounds may never gaze upon it


It’s over… Let it go lol. Keep this shit up and I’m telling Neesa.


@Sapphire you the best, whats your next project? :bee: