Cop it.


It’s Hyper Fighting, arguably the best balanced incarnation of SF2.


That is a cheap ass arcade machine, if you got the room, cop it…

Most arcade machines are generally 1000+…

If you give this opportunity up, your chances of getting a reasonable price for an arcade machine are ultra low…

Also, HF isn’t plagued with glitches at all, and is one of the more balanced in the series…

Only glitch I know of is the ability to cancel rapid fire attacks into other normals but that shit is hard as fuck to do(for me)…

You can’t do anything wild in this game…


If it works, you really have no reason not to go for it. Plus if you got the right spot for it, it could simply be cool to have in your home.


This is absolutely false, but $150 is still a good deal provided it’s in good condition.
SF2HF is the best of the CPS1 Street Fighter games by a long shot.


Thread should be moved to Tech Talk. You’ll get better advice (including tips on how to fix any issues you might come across) there.


Yeah, I suppose so. I wasn’t very sure where to post this up at, but Tech Talk does make significantly more sense now that I think about it.

I’m probably going to purchase it. The deal is way too good to pass up. I find it hilarious that he didn’t even tell me the price until we started talking about who we mained, and all of the good times we had on the various Street Fighter II reincarnations while growing up.



Also, even if it doesn’t work, the joystick panel is worth it alone.



Yeah, $150 for that is dirt cheap! Completely worth it if you ask me! And if the guy selling it is a player himself, there’s a chance he took care of the machine better than the average vending operator/arcade owner.


$150 is basically free if it’s in good shape. Stop thinking about it and go check it out.


$150 is nothing for a good cab, working or not. I would jump right on that.


I don’t even know why you’re asking. I’d jump all over that. Even if the game itself turns out to be a dud, you still get a great cab to tinker with for dirt cheap.


Biggest things wrong with these old cabs are screen issues and the suicide battery. if the screen is in good shape id say get it.


I heard back from him today. He said took it out of storage to test it, and it wouldn’t boot the game. Hes having an electrician look at it free of charge.

OT: Teen Nick has an entire block of programming dedicated to the 90s at midnight every weekday. Why can’t they just make it 24/7?


id buy it either way