First off, awesome topic. Hope others contribute as well.

In general, I’d hold off on dropping combo opportunities to try for resets with Trish, at least that early in a combo. You won’t have done much damage by that point. Trish can also set up some nasty okizeme situations when you get knockdowns, which may be more preferable as well.

Trish has superior movement, range and specials, and they short-changed her in the mix-up and damage department for that. She still has options though. Here’s my go-to mix-ups - they are best done under the cover of your assist (Taskmaster arrows are great for this).
[]Super Jump, Air Dash Down Forward j.:l:. This is the predictable quick high tridash approach.
]Super Jump, Air Dash Down Forward j.:m:, land, :d::l:. This is the mix-up for the approach above. It’s an empty air dash down forward into low. The j.:m: should never come out - rather it just accelerates you into the ground to the low.
[]Super Jump, Air Dash Forward j.:s: or j.:h:. This is your basic high priority air approach. It is very predictable and will not hit very often, but it is a pretty safe way to advance as Trish. This approach can cross-up easily if you start it close to the opponent. Doing this repeatedly is what trains people to eat the next mix-up…
]Super Jump, Air Dash Straight Down, :d::l:. I call it the FlashMetroid because I saw him using this on the stream right after release. It was basically unblockable at the time, and is still incredibly good.
Trish’s air dash accelerates very quickly at the start and then slows down towards the end. That quick acceleration at the beginning makes it ideal for mix-ups close to the ground.

Be sure you’re always super jumping your air dash mix-ups because super jumping allows you to cancel into an air dash much sooner than a regular jump. Your Trish will just start to look faster than before.

Trish has a few other things she can do as well. After a knockdown close to the ground, you can safely throw a Round Trip :d::db::b::h: and then follow their wake-up.
[]For instance, after a knockdown in the corner, most people roll out.
]Trish has enough time to throw the Round Trip, then backdash as they start to roll, super jump up and then air dash downwards with j.:l: active.
[]Depending on whether you super jump early or late out of your backdash, they will either roll under you or in front of you. If you super jump early, they roll behind you. If you super jump late, they end up in front of you.
]Either way, the j.:l: can hit them. It has a small amount of width to its hitbox which makes this possible.
[*]And then Round Trip comes whirling back. Many people also call an assist while they’re rolling, which the Round Trip helps to handle if you let them cross under you as they roll.
Round Harvest can take it to another level with certain assists and characters capable of unblockables. Just watch this video :

Hope this helps to get things started.

With a team like that, Trish isn’t going to do much but be an assist character personally. Task assist doesn’t help her much with mixup or damage and well wolvie is point. If you can time Task’s up arrows right for a OTG you might get something but she won’t be doing much but the basic BnB combos imo.

To really maximize Trish (or at least mixup stuff) you need a OTG. Dante, Wesker, x-23 are 3 that do pretty good with Trish with a OTG assist. She gets resets and corner mixups off those guys and benefits them when they’re on the screen as an assist. She also gets a little more damage off them since they OTG. I’m actually still interested in doing a Trish video showing off OTG combos and resets that I haven’t seen anyone post here but I have to record it all.


Thank you for the information, man. I’m about to hit Training Mode and see what results I can come up with from that. That video is also boss as hell.

My issue at the moment comes with properly landing her mix-ups, then expanding them without an OTG or wall bounce. Trish has a few attacks that seem like days to start up. BUT the best part about it is even if I don’t land hit-confirm the mix-up, I can still lay some god-like block pressure on the opponent with Round Trip and Round Harvest, then call another character out to avoid Advancing Guard. I also think that using Taskie’s Parabolic Shot seems like a little better option to keep them down on the ground.

In a little bit, I’ll try experimenting with Round Harvest pressure, and Taskie’s BnB wall carry combo. Hopefully, I can push the opponent into a corner from mid-screen, or even the other side of the stage.

@Shin Oni

The thing that gets me about Trish is that she has potential to be so scary, but there are a few things that are preventing it. Even level 1 XFC turns her into a beasting machine. I’m hoping that she gets an OTG, wall bounce, or proper overhead attack in UMvC3, and possibly some overall attack speed increases. Since release, I’ve been working with Wolverine and Trish. I just recently replaced my anchor, Deadpool, with Taskmaster. I noticed a hellacious change in everything. Though I know the team is lacking in expand-ability, I can’t help but love how they work together overall.

Well Trish’s air Max Voltage OTGs in Ultimate so that will help on extended combos. All low voltages have faster recovery and i’m also hearing she recovers faster from laying traps down. Though what really prevents Trish from being super scary is the fact peekaboo drops opponents out longer in the combo. But if she recovers quicker from traps (and depending on how quickly she recovers) her mixup game without an OTG might turn out really scary.

If I do play later, i’ll fool around with traning with your team and see if I find anything out.

The quicker recovery from traps and Low Voltage sounds likes its going to be incredible. I hope they tweak the hit-stun scaling with Peekaboo in TACs. I understand that if you fuck with it too much, it could become extremely overpowered, but it should decrease in power due to how many times you use it and not the length of the combo. It really sucks when I want to reset with Trish in mid-air, and decayed Peekaboo causes them to recover* quicker.*

I’ve been fooling around the past few minutes with using Hopscotch as an expansion. I think I’m onto something, but its a little strange to pull off. Basically, I do a simple ground combo, then finish with Hopscotch while simultaneously calling out Wolverine with the Berserker Slash assist. This causes Wolverine to fly to the other side of the screen and knock the opponent back towards me, thus activating the Hopscotch and causing an OTG. This can only be done with a standing/crouching opponent.

Another one I’ve found is using Hopscotch shortly before going into a TAC. I’ll post back in a little bit when I’ve expanded upon this one.

Damn it, I need a video capture card.

  1. all the stuff kjunk/shin oni said

  2. j.:l: + assist (instant overhead)

  3. j. :s: land j.:s: + assist (fuzzy setup)

I disagree there. Task Horizontal Arrows assist covers her to do a safe mix-up opportunity, and any combo she hits can DHC glitch into Taskmaster which is death. Even without the DHC glitch, you can use Taskmaster’s assist to combo into a Round Harvest which lets Trish continue with an air combo into Max Voltage. He’s a pretty solid middle-of-the-road assist for everyone.

Here’s an example of that second combo:

j.:h: (land) :d::l: :m: :h: :s: (super jump) j.:m: j.:d::h: xx :d::db::b::l: (Air Hop Scotch) j.:m: j.:h: (land) :h: + :a2: xx :d::df::f::l: (Low Voltage) xx :d::db::b::atk::atk: (Round Harvest)

From there, the Round Harvest starts to connect and Trish can chase them in the air with j.:m::m::h: xx j.:d::df::f::l: (Air Low Voltage) xx :d::df::f::atk::atk: (Air Max Voltage)

Probably does about 850k for 2 meters, builds over 1.

The OTG assists definitely add to her comboabiity, though I haven’t seen what they do for her mix-ups yet. Would love to see it.

I am excited that her Air Max Voltage will be able to OTG in UMVC3. I see it working similar to Ryu’s air beam super. To me, it makes it much easier to play her deeper in your line-up since she’s normally very assist reliant to max out her combos.

yea I play Trish as Anchor or point depending on the team. But generally I want her anchor so Dante/Ammy can DHC glitch and so both Dante and Ammy can benefit with the mixup of low voltage.

On point though I play more rushdown than lame if I don’t have to lame them out. I haven’t done any of the corner mixups in a actual match yet but it’s mainly cause I found them out a few weeks back and haven’t played anyone in about 3 weeks. But with the Max Voltage being OTG, she should get a super off a low throw now.

I have another vid coming but this is something i’m surprised no one is really doing with Trish in and after killing an opponent. Too lazy to edit for a simple thing so just watch.



I’m gonna reupload these cause the computer was overheating when I recorded these.

Here’s a few of the approaches and mix-ups in the corner I mentioned earlier. Turn on the YouTube annotations if you want to see explanations of what all is happening.


You may have to rewind and rewatch a bit to catch each detail.

I also just found out Trish can do the Exchange Glitch but it’s really really strict in timing. I can try recording and see if I can get it again but the timing is pretty crazy.

wow. i loved that video you posted KJunk. crazy trish mixups. do you have any videos of you in real matches?

Sadly not yet. I mostly just play with friends and to record those I had to setup my cell phone on a table with a bunch of other junk.

I need to get a real recording setup. I’m going to start playing at Arcade UFO pretty soon and should have some streamed stuff from there in the next few weeks though.