should have used the beginner’s thread. in the corner its pretty hard to miss. getting the charge is relatively easy.

when you do the up+PP for the ex mgu return to downback while the animation is still going. You should have more than enough charge.

as for linking U2 afterwards there is a huge window. since deejay has a dash ultra that links he has atleast 19+ frames to link the ultra because deejay’s forward dash is 19 frames

by c. lk do you me crouching? cr. or close? c

My apologies for not using the correct thread. I’ve been at this for about an hour, so I’m pretty angry at the moment lol I meant cr.:lp:. I don’t know why this is so difficult. I’ve never really had a problem with executing his U2 before.

So I suppose that means I don’t have to be so hasty with activating it?

No. Trust, it’s really really easy in the corner. Just remember to start charging downback as soon as the EX MGU starts, like Jcool said, and if you don’t get it, it’s not a question of timing, just your ability to input the U2 command.

Jcool was so nice in his response, he’s not living up to his sig. I want the old jcool back

lol I was waiting for his response. I’m not pleased

o_O fxck you guys lol a man can’t have a nice day?

i’ll go back to my elitist ways.

only da knut and hatrify can refer to me directly.

That’s the spirit

I’m totally embarrassed that I made this thread now. I must have been having a fucked up day. I got back into training mode today and nailed in six times in a row before going into work. God, I hate days that lead me to make shit like this.