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Updated in 1st post

Awesome really awesome man! All these are hard to find!

If you have some execution patterns please let me know, specially for OS, I have a feeling there should be considering the tiny windows to input 3 moves in one like in the jump meaty OS.

I’m sure the negative edge trick works for OS like the jump in OS hk tatsu for punishing teleports and the demon flip OS too. It’s just releasing the button when the intended attack is suppose to hit. Unless we are talking about other hard OSes?

Thanks kenneath, I’m up for everything. As soon as it’s about a particular way to input something more consistently.
I don’t know much about OS. So “The hard ones”… I don’t have a clue what they are.
Just checked the :
jump :uf: ● :d: :db: meaty( :hk:) :b: release( :hk:) then land,
on wake up and it works well. Single input, easy stick move. Bought it.

You’re welcome!
Actually come to think about it there are no other ‘hard OSes’ lol. I also think the the trick also works with the OS sweep off jump in :hk:.
And thank you Shabrout gonna try the new tricks I learnt from this thread!

Not the post I’ll be proud of the most but hey this is execution thread or not ?

Reversal Shoryu on wake up, 100% on 1st frame.

Problem : not enough experience to just do a regular shoryu move at the right time, the character wake up motion is fast and losing a frame to actually start the shoryu (or any special move I guess) can end in a trade or most likely a combo in your face.
Solution : slow motion + double tap
Trick : :f: :d: :df: :lp: :lp:

You do the move while the character is flipping on his feets, you can do it much more slowly than the regular standing shoryu the buffer is your friend, and just before he stands up, you start mashing the punch button. After some practice you should be able to do it with only 2 inputs of punch and then have all the time to follow up with fadc, etc.
That said I’m not saying you should use Shoryu on wake up, I’m only giving execution tricks. You build your own game :slight_smile:

This work the same way with EX tatsu…

Updated in 1st post

Saving through fireballs/single hits

Problem : if you use the regular FADC inputs you lose some frame in the process cause you start the focus way to early before the fireball hit you (“way” like some frames wasted but those frames could save your follow up :slight_smile: )
Solution : inverse the FADC inputs to start the focus at the end of the inputs.
Original : hold( :mp:+:mk:) :f: :f: release(all)
Trick : :f: ( :f:+:mp:+:mk:)

This trick is sweet! By the way Shabrout, please tell me you have tricks or tips for tiger knee fireballs its hard for me to do on player 2 side man. :confused:

Well it seems pretty tight afaik.
With some days/weeks practicing you will pretty much handle it with the straight inputs :
:d: :df: :f: :uf: ● ● :lp:
The only thing to work on really is to be sure to input the :df: as the speed of the exe often make you miss this part in the process. And then the last problem is to let Akuma get off the ground before you push :lp:, aka let the animation run for some frames, hence the ● ● in the execution pattern.

I personally found this one a bit easier to achieve because the pause is made by the inputs and you don’t have to think about it :
:d: :df: :f: :uf: :f: :df: :lp:
Some may say that u only have to end in the :f: position but the square gate in my stick makes it easier to use the :df: as a clean ending position. If that makes sense with my poor vocabulary…
With this last pattern the missing comes mainly because you miss the :uf: or input :lp: before the :df:. Plus the usual first :df: all noob stick users like me miss in the rush.

Btw I’m not at all mastering this TK fireball thing neither those others trick above, I’m a complete noob that lose any kind of skills once outside training mode… the 2nd palyer side is always a problem for me, the dash, the QCF but I recently found that it’s mainly in your head. Do you have any problem doing a QCB in 1st player position ? no, but doing a QCF in 2nd player side suddenly become another move where it’s in fact a simple tatsu with punch button … from “1st player side” view.

I can talk about problems like that for days but I guess it’s only because I’m not good enough. reDoing all trials from the other side of the screen is a good start in the 2nd side training.

I have a question if anyone knows a trick for this
sometimes when I fuck up my input for raging demon I end up doing a standing HP
but by the time I’ve realised, I’ve dropped the combo

do you have any ideas for inputs that do raging demon AND a standing HP that follows onto something else
demon flip, srk, hadoken
just anything that’ll leave me time to pick up the combo

You’re trying to cancel a normal with the Super or OS the Super inside a combo ? I don’t get it.

Updated in 1st post

no it’s the ultra, and I’m not trying to cancel at all
it’s just a case of if I mess up the input for the ultra, I only get the hard punch to come out
but I thought of a simple way to deal with it in training… thanks anyway

Interesting! thats another way to use the save fireball trick, btw after the FADC follow up, for me I usually press :hp: when towards close to the end of the dash animation.