Well for Ultra 1 you can do :
( :db:+:mk:+:lp:) x2, ( :ub:+:lk:+:lp:+:mp:+:hp:)
You hide the first part in the low kick poke, and for the second part, the :ub: give you a chance to jump back if you screw up.
The multi inputs for part 2 is to bring some p-linking in the process to record several :hp: in case your execution isn’t that accurate.


cl.s.HP xx Teleport xx Ultra 2

Original: :hp: :dp: :lk:+:mk:+:hk: :u: :u: :lk:+:mk:+:hk:
This is ofcourse far too inefficient an input.

Trick 1: :f:+:hp:, :d:, :df:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:, :u:, :u:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:
You basically input the attacking buttons the exact same time as the directional ones.
You can see this as 5 consecutive inputs. This needs to be done pretty fast in order to work. It’'s better, but not quite practical enough. That’s where the superior way comes in place. It goes as follows…

Trick 2: ( :hp::f::df: ) :uf:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:, :uf:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:
This is ridiculously easy to do on a keyboard (I play on PC).
The first input ( :hp::f::df:) needs to be done in a similar speed to plinking, treated as 1 input.
The following :uf:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:. The directional input counts as BOTH the completion of the ‘dp’ motion to initiate the teleport AND it counts as the first ‘up’ input for the U2 to come out. Then you basically do another :uf:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk: and voilá!

cl.s.HP into U2 in 3 motions!:rock:


Nasty one, I’ll check it on a stick (I’m on pc too). Can you edit your post to put “cl” before your first :hp: as it’s only a close :hp: that can be canceled.

Ok so I just spent 10 minutes in training mode and couldn’t connect the ultra. Blocked every time.
Tested on SSFIV AE, on Juri and Sagat.
The exe is pretty tight with the :uf: to do twice, and I think I can’t do it faster than I’m actually do.
Props to you on a keyboard to achieve this in time !

To go further into this “you’re not doing it fast enough” idea, I used another trick just to be sure it wasn’t my execution speed :
Trick test : hold( :lp:+:mp:) :f:+hold(cl:hp:) :d: :df: release(all) :uf: ( :uf:+:lk:+:mk:+:hk:)
But I only can do it like 1 out of 10 tries… using :u: :u: instead of :uf: :uf: make it better but still, they block the ultra.

Looking ahead if someone else have more success than me doing this trick :slight_smile:


Well I just tested it on Sagat and it works. It’s hard to go back to neutral on a stick though so I modified a bit the input to look like this:

:f:+:hp:,:df::f::uf:+(all kicks),:f::uf:+(all kicks)

It didn’t get blocked very often. Most of the time the ultra either connected or didn’t start at all and I just teleported. Got a little more success after doubling the last kick inputs, the issue was that since I was doing it as quick as possible I often pressed the kicks while still in :f: motion instead of :uf:. With some practice maybe it’s better to just get the timing right though. But being the scrub I am I have much bigger training priorities right now than comboing into U2 - like not messing up fb fadc bnb half of the time.

Btw thanks for making this thread it’s very interesting. I’m using the xx fb xx fadc shortcut for training right now. I like to start it with a :db: though ( :db:+:mk:,:d::df::f:+:hp:) as otherwise a srk may come out it you’re doing it during a forward walk.


I suggest a couple of hours more training you’ll get it down. I can imagine that it might be more difficult for stick users though. :slight_smile:
I think I went through the very same thing you did. I wanted to make the movement as efficient as possible and didn’t care how timing specific it was, as long as the number of consecutive inputs were reduced. So I wrote a notepad and kept a log on whatever inputs worked as I pretty much mashed them. After a LONG time of training mode what the game eventually ended up needing as a minimum was the following:

This appears on the side of the screen in training mode when I pull it off.


The :hp::f::df: are done in a plinking fashion, where I kind of roll my index finger and middle finger across the directional keys. After that it’s just tapping the other commands as fast as possible. For some reason I had a higher succes rate if I first did the hp and then the directional commands, so that’s why you first see the HP, but it is possible to combine the :hp: and :f:.

However for some reason it took me quite some time to do it consistently. Sometimes I would swear I did the inputs correctly and the exact same inputs appear on the screen, it doesn’t work. If I deviate even slightly, it never even becomes a teleport or the U2 doesn’t come out. The last problem can be easily solved by mashing the final inputs, but that shouldn’t be the goal. Such a combo should be performed in a controlled manner. I’m not sure, but the restrictions in timing may be due to cancellable frames on the cl.s.HP/Teleport. If anyone would be able to clarify that, would be great.

Eventually you get the muscle memory down and it becomes so easy to combo into it from cl.s.HP, it’s almost disgusting. I can do it with 90-95% consistency in training mode, but more like 30% online, probably due to nerves…


It works a bit yeah.
Need to be fast and precise thought ! A bit easier with the hold( :lp:+:mp:) then negative edge trick, minus 1 input on the buttons helps a lot. Anyway it’s still a 1/10 success for me…
Ultra 1 forever <3

Nice to see more tricks hunters around :slight_smile:


Hahah, U2 is better in some matchups though, so might as well make it easy for ourselves to combo with it. And ofcourse the psychological impact of the opponent having to go though that AWFUL animation hahahaha.

ANyway, nice thread man, great idea!:tup:


I’ll work on it next year I think lol, with my current progressing course I have still some months of training for the Bnb to come out at will. Then I’ll have to work on the positioning, space, timing, and all the how to move on a stage, how to get in range.
Btw little update on the Shoryu FADC shaku above with the Fireball FADC and a universal FADC trick instead of the weird patterns I wrote yesterday.


Major update on the FADC tricks.

The problem come from the fact that we can input :hp: “after” :f: or “at the same time” to register a Shoryu or Fireball. But with the first execution we release slightly too early :f: and thus it doesn’t connect with the next one for a dash command.

The last version of the tricks were mainly about “holding :f:” when the point is more about registering a :f: **# **:f: very fast.
Holding :f: and even making my hand hold it for 2 or 3 frames was the first solution I found, thinking it was my problem.
While it’s still the best habit for fireball FADC, for Shoryu FADC, you can do it consistently in a more “straight forward way” without a delay (startup of shoryu are soo small…) BUT you still want to “hold” the stick in the :df: for 2 frames or so.

Test it, you will see a huge difference between :
:f: :d: :df: :lp::f:+:mp:+:mk:
:f: :d: hold[:df:] :lp: **# **:f:+:mp:+:mk:


Update with new ex demon instant ex hado motion.


Update with cr:hp: xx teleport xx U2


up for the new comers


Any tips for tatsu -> SRK BNB ? Believe it or not , I’m fine with the others exec in your post , but just couldn’t 100% the tatsu->SRK .

Regardless , great post !


I duno but I clearly remember having my 1 week “screw it up” for that particular move at the beginning after a month with no problem.
Basicaly you probably do the srk too early. or too fast. take you time to do the move and to start it. Akuma need to land to do it after all.


Akuma need to land to do it < this could be what I’m looking for . I need a visual cue for this execution , I’ll try it out . I can exec it all day long cleanly in training room , but real match tend to drop to around 80% , which certain miss will cost the match .

Oh , in the process , why not compile the raging demon shortcut also ?

Quoted from other thread


double tap the punch can help too in case you input it too early before your last :df: or :f:

And for RD, just try this method and tell me how many time you make it work out of 10 :slight_smile:
After a sweep, avoiding a cr:HP: to come out etc.
Usualy you kara the RD form a move, witch usualy is a crouch kick mk or hk. And this method thus is irrealistic in those BNB senario.
By the way by the time you p-link those 3 buttons, you pretty much could have double tapped those cr:lp: so…


I like this thread.

A good method for cs.hp (or c.hp) xx tele xx U2 is to consider the fact that you only need to focus on perfecting your input method for ONE side. This is because the tele cancel into U2 can be going forwards or backwards (i.e. f, d, df or b, d, db) and it really doesn’t matter as far as the combo is concerned.

With this in mind, you simply need to grind out practising this combo’s inputs on one side as no matter what side you are on during battle, the outcome will be the same.

There were murmurs a while back that suggested forward teleport allowed U2 to come out slightly faster, though I haven’t seen any concrete evidence of this. Happy to be proven wrong though.


This is true, just choose the direction which suits your fingers better. And the difference in cancellable frames is negligable, since cl.hp xx tele xx U2 has so much leniancy. For xx tele xx U2 I even use the back teleport version, because it’s easier for me to
combo into it from a crouch block position. Works fine in either direction.


I tryed to use ppp instead of kkk to do the teleport fir my cancel U2 and it really improve the result. Maybe not because of a secret frame data, but more because I can just be faster in the inputs. I cancel from a st.:hp: and I use ppp for it, so all I need is to input it again for the teleport. Now finish the motion with kkk for the U2.
And as it seems that we need a slight delay between the télé start and the U2 (not a real delay but still you’ll usually be too fast if you just try to do the whole thing as one) this difference in the inpuits from pop to kkk help you feel this delay and be more accurate. If this makes sense…


I also started to do all my FADC with a single :f: hold at the end of the specials and just a :f: :mp:+:mk: when I want the FADC. And damn it’s amazing how much easy it is and relaxing.