Shabrout. Can you explain how to do Akuma following famov.
cr. lp, st.hp tatsu.

Setup: It has been seen many times by tokido or infiltration, where they use a demon palm cross up, land very quickly to the other sider of their opponent.

For some reason, when I got to hit st. hp, my opponent is able to hit me.


It’s not about how you input it, so nothing in this thread can help you.
As I said in your previous post about this particular gimmick, it’s not a safe trap. Just like an empty cross up to throw or whatever, it will work only if you surprise your opponent. It’s hard to react to a cross up DF palm whiff.
If you want to beat normals or throw, you have to land a couple frames before they wake up. It’s pure gambling here.


I understand. So there are safer setups to where you are not gambling? Is that what you are saying? With akuma’s low health and stamina, I should try to not just be an all out attacker like tokido? Right? Can you explain please? thanks


Tokido succeed in most of his setups. It’s a master of the timings and reactions. Not many player can scare the shit of their opponent to open a wide window to riskier mixups.

If you can’t open a guard on the ground with footsies and frame traps right in front of someone, I doubt you’ll do well on wakeup mixups because it takes a lot more work.
Anyway I could talk an hour you wouldn’t record anything. You need to study the threads, watch videos, and look around for more informations than just Akuma moves. SFIV fundamentals and strategy guides make everyone a better overall player by understanding the game as a whole.
Like learning math formula without any clue how the guy discovered it wont help you solve the problem if its not the one you’re trained to solve. (If this makes sens…)


Totally understand. Thanks. I once heard a quote in reference to a teacher student relationship. “Whats the best way out of a minefield?..Following someone who has been in and out alive.” So I just ask you to point me to the right track. So much to grasp with akuma, I don’t know where to start. But based on what you are saying, I should start with fundamentals. I will work on defense, zoning, and footsies. I wish I had a video or guide that broke it down in depth.


why not there :




Update on cr medium to U2 after I saw Infiltration’s inputs. Duno why I didn’t thought of it before…
Basically :df: :ub: :df: :ub: done before the first KKK.

Tested adopted :wink: