People don’t always see eye to eye. Not everyone will be understanding or attempt to be.

You had fun and enjoyed yourself, just keep enjoying that fact.


I love how they criticize you for investing time and money in something that gives you pleasure, which is what every human being does, even them.


I had a crazy amount of fun.

The reason why it hit so hard is that I’m not that sociable or outgoing for the most part. I do great at work because I deal with people for a few minutes at a time and that’s it. I can move on easily. If I’m not at work, I’m usually at home just doing nothing. I prefer not to go out. To go somewhere and meet everyone, talk to everyone, and just have an all-around great time is something I’m totally not used to.

Basically, my family made it seem like all of it was for nothing. I can’t handle that shit, not after such a fun weekend. THIS is why I was dreading coming back home.


FG’s are a gateway drug doncha know?



Some people just don’t get it. Just say you had a blast and met a lot of cool people, and if they think there’s something wrong with spending time and money on that, they’re idiots.


That sucks that your family thinks that way. I’m glad you enjoyed the tournament and I had fun chilling with you the entire weekend. Hell you even got to meet Balki when we were at Stake n’ Shake.

As for CEO, just tell them you are going to Disney World.


Parents/family members/friends will always impose their views on you. The key is to listen, understand that (for the most part) they care about you, think through their advice, then throw the bullshit advice out of the window. You’re a grown man dawg.

Glad you had fun. I need to get of my ass and go to one of these things lol.


PSSHT…I’ll just tell them I am going to a DDR tournament.

Jebailey needs to reboot that shit at CEO2012 this year.


Amazing post! We love you too bro.


I know how you feel. To tell my own tale: the first major I went to was Super vs Battle 2009 in London. This wasn’t my first experience with tournaments, just the first large one for which I actually travelled to another country. I had a great time, came home …

My parents don’t actually interfere anymore with my business and have always been supportive of pretty much anything I tried to do. I’m probably in a different situation than you because I’m probably a bit older than most people on this site (I’m older than Alex Valle LOL).

My friends and collegues though … oh boy. Some random remarks I have gotten over the years concerning my hobby:

“So you went to London just to play video games ? Can’t you do that at home ?”. Well no, I went there to meet up with people I had met over the years on internet, the competition and the games being played were just something on the side really. It’s fun to meet up with people that share the same interests.

“You went to London and didn’t visit the city ?”. I have been to London 5 or 6 times (for several days) before, so no … I’ve pretty much seen London. I was there to meet up with friends.

“So you went there, eventhough you knew you couldn’t have won the whole thing ?”. This one … again: my primary focus are the friendships you get at these places, the competitions come at second place. (Even some fighting game players make this remark: to them I tell that you’ll NEVER win a tournament if you only go when you feel you are now “good enough”. Need to get some tournament skills as well, mostly getting over tournament nerves / tournament waiting times / having to play without any warmup / etc etc).

“So you come home and you play videogames all night ?”. First of all, I don’t. I actually don’t play that much at all. Second of all, look who’s talking … these comments usually come from people who come home from work and turn on their TV until they fall asleep because it’s too boring.

“Video games ? Aren’t you too old for them ?”. IMHO, you are never too old for games / sports / hobbies in general. You are as young as you feel. Many of my friends are board game fans. These are typically not the guys making these comments, as they get this shit too.

“Video game tournaments ? Isn’t that full of 16 year olds ?”. No, there’s people of all age groups there (though in general, yes, I’m one of the older ones).

“Fighting games ? That’s just pressing the right button at the right time.” Well … uhm … yeaaaah. You can tell that about just about anything. Painting ? just a matter of using the right color at the right place. Playing Guitar ? That’s just striking the right note at the right time. This comment came from someone who was trying to argue with me, that the games he played were “better” (Call of Duty). I explained there’s strategy, mind games and other factors that come into play. Didn’t understand …

“An arcade stick that costs 100 Euro ???”. Typically made by people who spend 100 euro on a night out, or spend 250 euro on some gadget they’ll look at twice. It’s my friggin’ hobby + I don’t buy a new stick every 2 weeks. I don’t feel I’m spending a lot of money for something that I get a shitload of enjoyment out of.

I could go on and on with the questions and comments I got over the last 3 or 4 years.
Now don’t get me wrong. Not EVERYONE acts like this. But a lot of people do. It’s the general ignorance of people when you have a hobby that they don’t understand. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends living near me that are into fighting games. There are some that understand that it’s my hobby, there’s others that just make fun of my hobby (I’ll go with this, I like a good joke now and then), there are others that just plain don’t understand it.




dad thinks video games are a waste of time? exasperatedly try to tell him about frame data. when that fails, cry about it.


He probably plays shooters and thinks he’s gg. If he plays basketball tell him to quit because he’ll never be Michael Jordan and it’s just dribbling and throwing the ball over and over.


Yeah I try and explain this to some of my family or co-workers and it’s virtually the all same responses. You can’t expect people to understand, why the hell do people look at it this way? They sure as hell don’t look at Professional Chess or Pro Sports the same way. IMO, they are really no different.


I have no clue how old you are but sooner or later your BULLSHIT meter will just fill up and you’ll learn to live life to the fullest by simply not giving a single fuck what anyone else thinks.

Don’t stop; get it, get it.


to foolish words, deaf ears
you cant expect that people who dont understand and more than probable dont want to understand to give you a meaningful opinion on any subject, if you enjoy your hobby dont let them with their ignorant pov to ruin your fun


I spent a lot of money and time going around the country for years getting rocked at tournaments but also having an absolute ball. You get to hang out with great people, do something addictively fun, see more of the world: it works out pretty damned well.

There are far worse things to be doing with your time. Fighting games are a hobby and no weirder than anything else. People outside a given hobby area often don’t get it - but that’s their loss.

I hope you have a blast.


I never had this problem, but maybe because I got lucky.

When I was younger, I played FPS games a lot, and got some reputation online.
I’d always lie about my age online, so when meet in person people tripped out how young I really was.
My cousin wanted me in his “team” or something for Counter Strike. It didn’t look like my mom mind, so I tagged along.
About a year later, I was able to buy my mom a new TV for the living room and kind of support myself. Of course, I was to young for a “real job”, so for me to make such income at such a young age impressed her.

Since then, I’m always asked by my family about how I’m doing in tournaments now a days. I don’t have the heart to let them know I quit and kind of lie about my travels to tournaments… well for the time being, of course.
Even if I don’t win, they still enjoy what this hobby has done for me. Shit, I wouldn’t even be in the situation I am right now if not for fighting games.
<3 the FGC for doing so much.


We are all wired a certain way, and we cannot help what we love. I’m happy my team provided you with an epic and memorable weekend. You could have a spent a LOT more and got a LOT less, and it made you happy, so don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve wasted your time or money. A solid 700 attendees would gladly back you up on that.

In the end, this is no different from a vacation to Disney or Universal for many of us. Its a time to get away, relax, and be around something we have passion for. Perhaps a comparison to traveling out of town to see a sporting event is apt.