skyrim is temptin but the shipping is gonna hurt :confused:


Yeah, that’s my only concern. All of the items are in immaculate condition, and I absolutely hate selling it.


get a quote for me on the skyrim, i guess that’ll be my deciding factor… zip is 18102


I’m interested in the Tatsunoko vs Capcom SE. Thats the stick right? What would shipping be to 48092?


Looks like it’s going to be:

$17.14 - UPS (3 Day Shipping)
$15.45 - USPS (Unknown Shipping Date/Time)


Yeah, it’s the stick. I have the original parts on-hand if you’d like for me to throw them back in there.

Also, I’m fairly sure that it’s not working at the moment. I can throw the original parts back in there and probably get it to work if you’d like.

I really love texture of the art on the top of the stick ;-;

$15.22 - UPS (3 Day Shipping)
$11.35 - USPS (Shipping N/A)


yeah, i’ll take original parts too. so, what all would I be getting? the TvC shell, stock parts & SFIV stock parts? sorry, just wanna make sure we’re on the same page

  • TvC shell + original parts + original box
  • SFIV SE parts

I’ll need to weigh all of that before I confirm shipping it to you, but I think like $20 should do it. That would only be like $2-3 over shipping.


yeah, sounds good. lemme know where/how to send money (paypal?) & i’ll do that asap


if PJohn doesn’t take the TvC parts, i will. Could use them for my improvised mame build. :slight_smile: