These usually work better if you put one up yourself when you are playing with a particular friend. If you set your connection to lan, on 0 ping you’ll get 1 frame delay.

Someone should code a server integrated client so that 1 frame can mean 0 to the host.

It’s easy to make your own.

Just download the server executable:

Extract it to wherever. Open up kaillerasrv.conf in notepad and read through the options. Make sure the “Public” setting is 0 so it doesn’t show up on the server list. After that, run kaillerasrv.exe and bam, your server’s up. Go to and give your friend the IP and connect yourself just like you would normally. Make sure both of you are using LAN.

If you’re behind a router, make sure you’re either DMZed or you have the port you’re using (TCP 27888 by default) forwarded.

How would you enter your own server? Would I automatically enter when I start Kaillera?

No just go to enter IP and put in your own IP.

Cool thanks just testing it with my friend


Private servers are nice. I played with lw3 the other day and pretty much no lag, only had the occasional disconnect.

Haven’t played kaillera in about a year or more, but it seems there is hope for online gaming yet.