This should probably be in the Juri subforum but oh well.

Should probably mention first and foremost that your most reliable link combo assumes that you’re right in the guy’s face. Jumping in or dashing or really anything else that’s easily caught is gonna get you punished pretty badly if you’re fighting anyone who anticipates it and blocks, especially if they have a command grab in their arsenal. Plus mk pinwheel isn’t safe, so if they block everything and you fire off that pinwheel, they can instantly answer with a grab or one of their own face-to-face links just like you’re trying to set up yours. I guess the irony here is that you’ve got a decent link but you’re essentially putting yourself right in their face so they can get their link off on you if they block.

Now that we’ve got fundamentals outta the way…you have some options. You could use a dive kick to get yourself in quick. Instead of firing a dive kick that actually connects, you could choose one that comes up just short – experiment with distances to figure the spacing out. It’s a little risky, and they may try to punish with an anti-air, so while you should be aware of this, you may not want to rely on it. There’s the standard focus attack charge into forward dash that everybody and their mother has seen too, but you might catch them off guard with it. Either of these will get the job done in certain situations but they’re kinda scrubby tricks.

Juri’s air down hp is a great crossup, has lots of reach and puts them face first into the dirt if it connects. Air down mp is pretty good for a crossup too, some might say it’s better than hp. If you’re gonna jump in, don’t jump in right in front of them and use one of these crossups to get over them instead. I guess you could say mk could be used as your hit confirm if you get it out right before you land but I’m not sure if it combos into your favorite link or not.

Aside from jumping or dive kicks, I like to fake out with a lk pinwheel personally. Storing fireballs and Juri’s qcb p counter give her the potential for some serious mind games, and you should use this to your advantage. If the guy you’re fighting expects you to throw a mk or hk pinwheel (and you can make them expect it by using mk and hk more often), using lk pinwheel will close the gap and get you closer in a hurry, plus they’ll be blocking in anticipation of the mk/hk.

qcb lp is gonna be your friend here, it lets you walk right up to somebody you know will punch you the closer you get. Anything that doesn’t guard crush will bait her command counters, and lp will zip you right behind them if they go for a poke. It activates on both high and low hits so if they’re spamming low sweeps hoping you’ll fall for something stupid you can punish it with qcb lp then your link.