Delicious Avatar Request 2.0, Anime Edition!?


Would anyone be kind enough to make me a non premium (I miss it so much!) avatar with this image:

If at all possible could it have the words “ONEE-SAMA!!!” flash somewhere every time she hits her head on the table?

Oh and it would probably be best to crop it more, it might be a little bit too wide of a shot right now, as long as it has the main girl in it, it’s good.

I appreciate any takers! Thanks in advance. :pray:

Did I request incorrectly?

Nah man. Everyone is busy in the Big Request Thread Part 2…its the 1st/2nd thread in IMM.


Edit: savaii beat me to the :p:.

Whoops, I assumed that was a thread for requesting images.

I’ll repost it there.