Delicious Bison Combos! (partially updated for v2013)



Any suggestions are welcome.

v2013 changes: close mp and far mp have been buffed to 5f startup. close mp now cancels into HK scissors. Generally this means two things:

-Any combo into MK scissors (juggle) -> xx HP PC is doable now, and also easier to do than hitting instead. Standing mp generally can be substituted whenever was used to juggle.
-Standing mp links from itself for a hit-confirm, and can be substituted for more range wherever was used.

Will do a better update soon.

PC = Psycho Crusher
SK = Scissor Kicks (Double Knee Press)
cr. = crouching
st. = standing (close or far)
cls., cl. = close standing
j. = jumping
(juggle) = opponent is in the air (juggle state)
xx = special or chain cancel

Bread and Butters (besides boost chains): x2, xx MK scissors, (juggle) xx HP PC (263 damage)
easier to do, but doesn’t start from a low:
cr.lp,, xx MK scissors, (juggle) xx HP PC (263 damage)

You can also start any of the above combos with close lk, which is Bison’s fastest move at 3 frames, and cannot be low crushed.

Safe Blockstrings:
jabx3 xx far lk
close lk, close lk xx LK scissors

Against certain character’s alpha counters, you will actually still be safe.

Punish Combos:

Corner only Combos:
Basically after any mk/hk scissors, you can juggle with,, xx HP PC. Timing is strict. So: x2, xx MK scissors, (juggle) x3 xx HP PC (302 damage), close mk, xx MK scissors, (juggle) x3 xx HP PC ( 359 damage, j.hp 389 damage), close hp, xx MK scissors, (juggle) x3 xx HP PC ( 389, j.hp 419 damage)

Jump-in Punish Combos:
[2 bars] J.hp/hk, st.hp xx HK scissors, (juggle) xx st.HP xx Super (542 damage)

Cross up Hit-confirm Combos:, cr.lp,, xx MK scissors, (juggle) far mp xx HP PC ( 294, j.hp 324 damage), close mk, xx MK scissors, (juggle) far mp xx HP PC ( 333, j.hp 363 damage), close hp, far mp xx MK scissors, (juggle) far mp xx HP PC ( 363, j.hp 393 damage)

Air to Air Combos: x2, (juggle) close mp, st. hp xx HP PC/Super (335 damage / [2 bars]476 damage)

Cross Rush Combos (Tag into Bison):
(juggle)st.hp xx LK scissors, xx HP PC
(juggle)close mp, st.hp xx HP PC
(juggle)close mp, xx HP PC (easier to do)
(juggle)cr. mp, cr. mp xx HP PC (easiest to do)
[Corner only] (juggle)close mp, close mp, close mp xx HP PC

Tag Juggle Combos (Tag into Bison’s Partner):
HK scissors gives the highest juggle height off of all of Bison’s combo-able specials.
[…] xx MK scissors, (juggle) xx HK scissors, Tag
[Corner Only] […] xx MK scissors, (juggle), xx HK scissors, Tag

Certain other characters may be able to pick up the juggle after an HP Psycho->Tag.

Devil Reverse Juggle Combos:
strict spacing:
Devil Reverse, (juggle), xx (222 damage)
[1 bar] Devil Reverse, (juggle), xx st.hp xx EX PC (312 damage)
[3 bars] Devil Reverse, Cross Art (170 + partner’s Super Art damage ~= 470+ damage)
[Corner only] Devil Reverse (non-ex),,, xx HP PC (304 damage)




The basics:
c.LKx4 xx LK Scissor
c.LP, s.LP, s.LK, c.MK xx MK Scissor (into c.MK xx HK Scissor juggle, if cornered)
c.LK, c.LK, c.MK xx MK Scissor (into c.MK xx HK Scissor juggle, if cornered)
s.HP xx HK Scissor, c.MP xx HK SK (works midscreen)

Psycho Crusher or Super can also be used as an ender for any of those.


are you suggesting that PC can be combo’d after lights?


c.LK links into all versions of PC … I didn’t test standing LK or jabs.

[edit]Tested s.LK and jabs … it all combos, even off far s.LP.[/edit]


wait so you loop another scissor after the MK scissor?


Yeah, MK and HK scissor go into a juggle state. MK lets you juggle in corner, HK lets you juggle mid-screen. But HK scissor only combos off s.HP.


can you combo into HK scissors from far standing fierce or only close standing?

also how many scissor loops can we do? juggle with one, cant you juggle into mk or hk scissors and do it again or does that not work?


Close and far s.HP are both cancel-able. And you can juggle up to 2 scissors. Your most basic scissor juggle is c.MK xx MK Scissor, c.MK xx HK Scissor (corner only) or s.HP xx HK Scissor, c.MP xx HK Scissor.


pretty cool. cr. jab, st.short, cr. forward xx medium scissors, crouching strong xx crusher or scissors or super or whatever is very satisfying to do and it’s anywhere on the screen pretty much off any jump in or point blank. cool. I was afraid we’d be stuck to juggling in the corner.

also when juggling in the corner with medium or heavy scissors, use jab to bounce the opponent in the air, then do fierce xx whatever. that way we can get in a fierce for the juggle instead of settling for strong or forward.


What’s the damage on this please:

That’s a nice hit confirm combo on crossup I’d imagine.


Wow, so you can juggle off MK Scissor midscreen… I’m kind of embarrassed, because I tried it for a bit and wrote it off when I couldn’t make it happen.


So beautiful


What combo should I be using as BnB when bison is tagged in after a launcher?

And I’m having hella trouble even comboing cMK into scissors into another cMK

Controls still feel weird in this game.


Why SHOULDN’T we ALWAYS end our corner combos with psycho crusher to maximize damage?


maybe you want better positioning by pushing them into the corner instead of crossing them up on knockdown each time.

Scissors also juggle anywhere on the stage via medium version.

Also Bison can indeed do extended juggle combos by dash cancelling his standing fierce. ABC Launcher into standing fierce xx dash cancel, crouching short, standing close fierce cancelled into whatever. Very difficult at first, but an advantage charge characters have using the new charge mechanic is that all we have to do is hit forward twice.

So Forward + kick (hold), tap forward again while holding kick, then release. The motion itself is just a lot simpler for charge characters to very quickly dash cancel their charge special.


***Jumping Fierce > crouch jab > standing short > crouching forward xx medium scissors > crouching strong xx fierce psycho crusher

-263 base damage, 324 with jumping fierce and roundhouse, 294 with jumping forward
-The combo itself, minus any jump in or cross up is 263, so if you were starting from a meaty jab, you’d get 263 total.

***crouching short > crouching short > crouching forward xx medium scissors > crouching strong xx fierce psycho crusher

-same as above combo, 263 base damage, 324 with jumping fierce and roundhouse , 294 with jumping forward
-Another combo I see becoming a staple BNB is a variation of his old crouching short short short xx scissors combo
-Now off of hit confirmed crouching shorts from point blank like that, we get 263 at the least.


but if we end it with PC, can’t we just teleport/jump back to the other side and they’re in the same situation anyways?


Interestingly enough, you also dash further forward by a small amount on a dash cancel.

Not if they tech or roll…


Totally missing something here. What is this new charge mechanic?
In your first example you’re talking about abc launcher (launch tagging into Bison right?), then dash cancelling the STAND FIERCE?

If so, what’s up with the second example having a forward+kick then tapping forward while holding kick? Two different examples, one being dash cancelling the st. fp and one being dash cancelling a scissor kick?

What are the criteria for dash cancelling stuff?