Dell 2405FPW Monitor

I use a Dell 24" monitor. it says it has 5ms response time. does that mean i am seeing 5ms of delay on street fighter for ggpo or 2df ?

means you are seeing 5ms of delay on evverything

Keep in mind response time and output delay are not the same. Response time is the time it takes for a pixel to go from one colour to another, output delay is the time it takes for your action to be shown on the screen.

Apart from response time, there are other factors that affect output delay (post-processing, for example), so you should be concerned about the overall delay, not just the response time.

DigitalVersus measures delay on newer screens. They don’t have the 2405WFP there, but it’s almost as bad as the newer Dell models in that regard.

i read reviews on the site and i still dont get it. anyway is it negligible, or worth upgrading to a different monitor.

On HardForum they say it’s around 40/50 ms (2/3 frames). Being negligible or worth upgrading is up to you, but keep in mind if you want less delay you’ll have to go for TN panels that may offer worse image quality than your current monitor.

I’m looking forward to that the Dell 24" due to size and cost. Since its cheap, is it bad for the eyes? I know it makes a difference for CRT monitors.

ive had my dell 24" for over 4 years now. its a great monitor, but if i had to do it over again, id get two 22"… 22’s much easier on the eyes. 24" is great for full hd content tho 1920 x 1200.