Dell has the 360 TE sticks @ $99.99 FS


In case anyone is still looking.


good find!


Holy Crab-people!

They don’t feel so “Limited Edition” anymore btw. Don’t know how many they produced in the second batch, but feels like they are everywhere.


They’re not meant to be limited. At launch Madcatz said anyone who wants one will be able to ge tone.


bought mine today from for 87 pounds.

quite a good find since its the 360 one, and its still quite expensive everywhere ive seen so far.

now just finding someone to do a dualmod…

oh kreeee? ^^, u dont happen to dualmod TE’s for other people ? Ive seen uve got a stick for sale and stuff ;o.


Areeew they won’t ship to europe.

De7lirium where did you find it? Can’t seem to find it on store.


oh the days when people were paying too much for these…


Seriously. I wonder how this will affect prices of the Round 2 and MvC2 sticks. I doubt there are many people actually collecting these sticks as retail price is quite high. Maybe those will drop in price pretty quickly as well?


Well the best guess tbh is to go through the people who are selling them through / /shopto

thats how i got mine, and it was spankin new ;p. its getting a bit lucky, but i saw them pop up regularly.

if i see another one ill give u a link in PM ^^.


How long is this sale going on for? I might sell some stuff to get this. :smiley:


I’ve dual modded 3 sticks (both ways) and built my own but I don’t think there’s enough money in dual modding for others, and I only really did it because it was interesting to me.


I went to Dell’s site through Bing and got a notice that any purchase from dell would receive 10% cashback as well. I may get this.


Great heads up on the 10% through Bing, thanks Kistunisan. Pushed me into buying a second TE for friends to play on.


owe ;( okayz, illll see if i can just find someone whos good with circuit boards then.


Shit dude thank you for the find, I was getting ready to order one for 150, now that I can get it cheaper, I can go ahead and make my order for all my moding stuff lol.


Don’t forget to go through Bing for an extra $10 off. Search for Dell in Bing, click on the Cashback link in the top link.
Gigamaster, you want to add that in your op, just in case someone doesn’t read down?


Nice looking out.


Was that a second hand TE stick ??? There 150 new from


4 posts below that 1 ;p , ur best chance of getting a stick at that price is to go through people selling on sites like play/amazon/etc… thats what i did, and mine was new on, but i went to a diff seller aswell on that site.

good luck findin one ^^


Play & Trade I think its called. Its a service where you can sell the same goods as the listing but at what price you choose.

I got one from Amazon for just over 100 (Got battered in the post though and could tell they had it open). 87 is a bargain.