Delta Red Squad



Looking for some good Cammy players that is going to Evo this year. I want all Cammy players to represent each other by dominating tournaments across the states and prove that we are superior to other characters. I just hate it that people telling me that I’m terrible because I use Cammy as my main and I’m pretty good with her and others like myself know the feeling. We are the Delta Red Squad. All Cammy players Unite.


Cammy players should not be gloating over Cammy being superior, but showing that they can out play another opponent by just playing the match. If people are telling you you’re terrible because you’re using Cammy, than screw them. Cammy is a respectable main, hell all choices are respectable, the player you were playing was probably bad, or in any case, dumb for saying a comment like that.



nice template


It’s hard to say who is the hardest to verse, gameplay is vastly different if they turtle or not.

If you get good with the cannon strikes they are amazing but there’s really not much else you can do besides spam.
On a second note, I found out that jumping light kick is an instant overhead though if you were to use it, that would throw the game because you have to be extremely close and jump straight up which they could attack you after you hit them.


Cammy should have no problems vs Juri…in fact a fair chunk of the cast shouldn’t have that many problems with Juri


With your skills, you could destroy Juri easily.

What’re you worried about? =\

I tend to get teased for picking Cammy as well, but I just ignore them. Good luck at EVO guys, I’ll be watchin’ the streams. :slight_smile:


I just need some good ideas for putting things into this website. I was thinking of videos of other Cammy players showing basic training or like Cammy video of the day or something. If anyone have any ideas, please let me know.


Cant you basically put all the stuff from this website to yours I have a couple ideas on how to make yours different?
IDK trying to think outside the box dont know if this go along the lines of what you were asking.
1 Tutorials/Guides/
You could try putting up DJb13[

I know he has some tutorials about Street fighter 4 cammy dont really know if you need them. It would be nice to have a Cammy guide of some sort. Someone could make a guide about Super Cammy or possible/practical uses of CQC or post pictures of cammys hitboxes unless thats been done already and i missed it.
2.Chatbox ]Try adding a chatbox so people can discuss stuff about Cammy. IDK trying to think outside the box dont know if this go along the lines of what you were asking.
3. Sigs shop
You could possibly have a few people work on Cammy sigs(probably not very helpful lol i just like having nice sigs)
May be you could have a secton or something where people can go to others for Cammy help or for people that need help against Cammy so you coud set up some matches.
5.Hall of fame
you could put up some of the top players cammy tournament videos or replays.
6. All Cammy Players
you could make a list of cammy players from xbox live and Psn possibly.
Also possibly Live streams of some of the best Cammys at tournaments
Hopefully this will make your website great.


looks interesting so far, I’ll be checking on the website every now and then.


Thanks Dumb Luck. I will actually use that list. If anyone have advice to fight other Characters, please put them up in the forums when I put them up. Thanks.


Just made an upgrade. Check it out.


Just made another upgrade with sound now. Check it out and listen to the remix I made with Cammy’s theme.


This might be a stupid question, but the video tutorials on your site, are they for sf4 ssf4? I ask only because the description says “Street Fighter IV Advanced Play Cammy video”

Or does everything shown work on both sf4 and ssf4? I’m starting to learn Cammy and your site seems like a great place to start learning.


They didnt change Cammy “too” much from vanilla. So whatever setups in those videos should work, 99% of the time.


I know I failed at this site last year but I’m going to try again with Delta Red Squad. This time, I’m going to have any player join this team and I already have a great Abel player and Blanka player and if anyone else want to join…feel free to IM me on facebook.


Pretty cool site man, keep up the work. Joined it :slight_smile:


Congrats to ShakuLightning and joining Delta Red Squad. We welcome him and his Rose to Delta Red and I hope he enjoy his stay.


Delta Red Across Playstation. Soon we will unite there and tell everyone that Cammy’s will be known.