Delta Red Top Secret Briefing: Cammy Frame Data and Hitbox

For those interested, I’ve reupped the SSF4 hitbox data and updated it to include the AE changes, as well as some missing moves like air throw and (EX) Cannon Strikes in more detail. As far as I can tell, only HK Spiral Arrow and regular/EX Cannon Strike had changes from SSF4, all other hitboxes appear to be identical. But please correct me if you see any other differences in the new AE mook and the SSF4 hitbox videos, because I didn’t see any.

You can find the file here: (229 MB)

good stuff. downloading it right now.


A video of cammy’s AE TK asap.

I don’t understand the vid…

It shows the lowest possible Cannon Strike in AE (CS10), which is +1 on hit and -2 on block.

The player/dummy in that video aren’t jumping at the earliest possible times. Player Cammy can jump 1F earlier, and dummy Cammy can jump 4F earlier.

Am I seeing this right that Spin Knuckle has a weird huge hitbox infront of it? confused

Yeah, the hitbox on that thing is huge. It damn well better be, given that it has 32F of startup that basically screams “please hit me”.

That thing in front of her is what I meant. What is that supposed to represent? It cant be her hit box as the move is still starting up. Is it how far she travels?

Ohh, the big yellow line. That a proximity blocking box, anyone who is touching that will be forced into a blocking animation if they’re holding back or down-back.

While I’m at it, green outline boxes are where you can be hit, red outline boxes are where you are projectile invulnerable (but still hittable by normals), red solid boxes are attack boxes, green solid boxes are projectile boxes, blue solid boxes are throws, and pink/purple boxes are armor boxes.

Oh okay thats handy to know. Oh Spin Knuckle, why are you so awful : (.

Thanks so much for all this, this is incredibly handy and really nice to look through haha, never really been looking through this kind of stuff before but its nice to know the exact stuff for this, gives you a guideline in your head for what would be better in what situation : )

What’s the frame advantage on a non TK cannon strike? On block and hit. Not listed in OP.


Doubt anyone has this lying around, but does anyone know what the + frames you have after all of Cammy’s common knockdowns is? That being front/back throws, sweep, and hk/mk arrows (teched and unteched)? And the total frames of her jumps and minimum CS strikes? I know some of this information is spread out around, but I don’t remember all where. Just want some easy reference points for experimenting with (safe) jump OS setups, though I know she doesn’t really get any truly simple ways to space/time them =/.

I’m sorry I don’t have the info, I think Teyah has that all stored somewhere. If he doesn’t reply I’d say message him ( and share the info!). But I do know that the only move that gives you enough frame advantage to safe jump is Back Throw. Although now that I think about it, if you hit at the very tip of a Spiral Arrow you might be able to set up some kind of safe jump. But I think it’s better to figure out some setups where reversals whiff, rather than looking for a safe jump.

I do know the minimum height requirement of a CS is 10 frames though.

I think sweep can get you a safe jump too, but in any case I’m not looking for only 4f safe jumps (which are super hard since Cammy has no easy timing for safe jumps anyways), but possibly ones for characters with higher frame reversals as well.

Is it possible to cannon spike, FADC into Ultra 1?

is possible, but you have to FADC and dash backwards.

Seems like it’s only effective really in the corner…that’s the most effectiveness I can get out of it, at least.

Works even on midscreen. Here, the Ultra must come out asap or it will whiff.