back from ebay because it didn’t get past my reserve price.

$155 to anyone who can pay by today or tommorow (jun. 20th)

Without the box, instructions, ect. McC2 isn’t worth 65 bucks.

bump. price lowered.

uppers. big trade list update.

bump. price lowered, more trade crap added.

Does anyone want to buy anything seperatly? if so, let me know now before I put it on ebay.

How much for KH1?

Actually I just decided to move the whole lot to ebay.

That’s a good idea.

Don’t give Stu any deals.

bump. still a few days left.

A little over 2 days left.

VEGA_OMEGA are you giving up on MvC 2? :^(

nope, just getting rid of that nasty PS2 version.

Just got another DC too, so i’m kind of getting back into it you can say.

reserve is set at $140 btw.

Looks like this is the last bump. Auction is ending in a few hours.

side note: i’m giong to have a boxed PS2 slim with like 15 games for sale next week.

back from ebay.

How much for just the PS2, pads, wires? keep in mind, i can get them for $70 and lower in NYC game stores (put shipping and ps2 price seperately (aka, don’t say $90 shipped, say $80 + 10 for shipping)

i’d rather give my money to an SRK member than to Circle2 in Brooklyn. The woman that owns that place is a TWAT, but I can get a PS2 from there for $65… I just hate that bitch.