Deluster's Youtube Comedy/StreetFighter/Hobbies/Pranks

Hey guys, I have been making youtube videos and am looking to up my productions a bit more and be able to bring more videos and content. My channel has all sorts of stuff on it from games,card games, prank calls, and all sorts of stuff.

I am not begging for views or subscribers or anything, Just letting people know that I have some street fighter content on there, with a lot more street fighter content planned as well as with some other types of videos upcoming as well.

YouTube - Deluster1’s Channel

There is the link to it.

I also want to extend an offer to ALL street fighter players to hit me up here, pm me or hit my youtube up and I will do sets and record them for youtube win or lose. I am looking to level up and I want to get sets from shoryuken members to help get their stuff online as well.

I also am looking for SRK people who want to do interviews via skype or vent or teamspeak or something for youtube. Basic questions about you, your playstyle, character choices and about your experiences with street figher 4 in particular, but fighting games in general.

Also, if there is anything you want to talk about, a channel you want to plug (Yours, a friends or a link you think people should see) any games you want to talk about or anything hit me up. I am always looking for ideas and people to colab with to make content for youtube.

I don’t earn any money or anything, my motive is to bring content to my audiance, attract more viewers and put over people out there as well.

Like I said, hit me up here in the thread, pm me or message me on youtube.

Thanks a lot guys,