Demand for custom sticks?

Hi, I sure you have seen some of my works in the custom joystick thread such as the C.C. Stick and Strawberry Stick. I am wondering if there is a demand for custom sticks because as soon a I finish my current stick, I hope to start a thread in the trading outlet and start taking custom orders.

I am asking this because I seen some of the great stick builders closing their shops and wondering if their is still a demand for custom sticks here at SRK.

If you are happy to take specific custom orders there will be a market.
You wont make much money though Im afraid.
The stick Im currently working on has cost 90 for parts etc!
It will be nice though :slight_smile:

Good luck mate.

I might be interested in an empty box.
Like laurie47 says, something specific.

I would like a non-conventional layout for the control panel.
Or even just a control panel plate.
I am still measuring my hands and fingers
dipping them on a stamp pad and then on paper.

yea, i can do stuff as non-conventional layout if you give me the measurements and a picture.

thanks for the advice and response, ill give this a shot and see how this goes. hopefully I can generate some attention and business so I can earn some extra spending money on the side.

Right now is the best time. Right before evo there’s quite a demand for it.

I’d be quite interested in buying an empty case, depending on price. I’ve seen your work, it’s good.